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How Soros’s Student Luka Lisjak Gabrijelčič Became Part of the Left-Wing Establishment and a Critic of the SDS Party Because of One Fateful Meeting With Golobič

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

The editorial office of Nova24TV has looked into the story of the left-wing activist Luka Lisjak Gabrijelčič, which is a story full of pain. Some interesting facts about Lisjak Gabrijelčič: he is Soros’s squire, who cannot finish his doctorate (he is a forever student); the champion of the Left party (Levica), Luka Mesec, is said to have stolen Manca G. Renko from under his nose; he was a member of the youth wing of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS), where he felt unjustly overlooked, and all of this resentment drove him on the path of political betrayal, into the arms of Golobič, the godfather from the background; judging by his political failure and desertion, he is very similar to Damir Črnčec, who brought his protege – the List of Marjan Šarec – to a political downfall. And if a man is unsuccessful, he becomes bitter. And if he is bitter, he becomes jealous and malicious. That is why Lisjak Gabrijelčič has such deep contempt for the successful champion of the SDS party, Janez Janša.

Who is the activist of the financial speculator George SorosLuka Lisjak Gabrijelčič? Very few people know that Lisjak Gabrijelčič, who is known to be a spoiled only son, is a true real estate mogul. His grandmother left him a house with a large garden in a small settlement near Ankaran. In addition, Lisjak Gabrijelčič also has his own apartment in Bežigrad, Ljubljana, which he rents out, and which his parents bought for him. He also has his own apartment in Nova Gorica. Lisjak Gabrijelčil is best known as an ardent opponent of the current government of Janez Janša. Whether this also stems from the fact that he tried to obtain a doctorate in Hungary, from Soros’s Central European University, is anyone’s guess. From his speeches, we can definitely conclude that he is angry with the whole world and that he blames Janša’s government for his frustrations, which are actually the result of his personal failures.

His biggest frustration is that he cannot seem to finish his doctorate, and he tells anyone who is willing to listen that he will finally finish his studies this year. Of course, he has been repeating this for many years now. His other big frustration, though, is that he cannot get a girlfriend. At first, he was immensely interested in Manca G. Renko, who chose Luka Mesec in the end, although now they are no longer together. Then, in 2018 in Budapest, Gabrijelčič fell in love with the daughter of a Czech tycoon, but she also did not have the same feelings for him. He used to be an enthusiastic and active member of the SDS party’s youth wing. But later, at one point, he felt a great need to publicly show that he was smarter and more capable than Janša.

When he left the youth wing of the SDS party, where, according to him, he was greatly misunderstood and unfairly disregarded, his pain only grew stronger, and he never forgot this experience. Disappointment with his own failure in the SDS party was so great that it gradually turned into the current hatred of the party and its president. Due to his hatred of Janša and the SDS party, he later became close to Gregor Golobič. The latter invited him to lunch and promised him lots of support on social media, which is also why Gregorčič also likes his posts and even shares what Lisjak Gabrijelčič writes.

How the good, noble Catholic boys got corrupted and turned into the sponsors of the Stalinist Left party
Golobič also promised Lisjak Gabrijelčič help and support, in case he would even run for the position of director of a museum in the Coastal region (Primorska) in the future. Thus, Lisjak Gabrijelčič became part of the Slovenian political left and a welcome guest in the left-wing media outlets. Lisjak Gabrijelčič is also a member of the editorial board of the magazine Razpotja (the name means crossroads in English). With Lisjak Gabrijelčič’s turn to the left, a political turn also took place with the other writers of the magazine Razpotja. Blaž Kosovel, Miha Kosovel and Aljoša Kravanja became fanatical followers of the Left party, which is something that the Catholic intellectual scene has trouble understanding, as all these boys have always been considered reasonable, intellectual and conservative Catholic thinkers. Now, however, they are all public supporters of the Left party.


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