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Gorenak advised Pogorelec: Focus on yourself rather than with Janša!

By: Ž. N. (Nova24TV.si)

“I compare the state of the coalition to a cable car ascending to Vogel, and then at the top, the brakes release, and it descends rapidly, with passengers occasionally falling out, and some being thrown out in between, while they themselves fight for survival,” said Dr Vinko Gorenak, former MP and former Minister of Internal Affairs, in the show Ura moči on Planet TV.

“For the party and the opposition as a whole, this may be good, but for the country, it is extremely bad,” believes Vinko Gorenak, pointing out that from the Pahor government onwards, all left-wing governments start and end in a similar way, with great enthusiasm after the victory, with big promises, and then everything dissipates in the middle of the term, and some resign. No left-wing government has completed its mandate.

According to Dr Janez Pogorelec, a member of the executive committee of NSi, we are facing a situation of general dissatisfaction in all areas. “The problem is that there is always less money, and the appetites for money are always growing, demands for money come from all social groups.” In the end, he believes, this is related to the productivity of the country itself, how well we solve our problems, and how we allow the economy to produce. “A significant problem is that we have a series of left-wing governments that are empty, idle, and lack appropriate answers,” emphasised Pogorelec.

The recent Ninamedia poll, which is devastating for the coalition, according to Pogorelec, reflects the real situation. He believes that no one can be happy with this situation. “The logic of the worse, the better for us is an old communist slogan. For us, this means that it will be bad for all of us as well.” As he states, according to the polls, the right-wing has gained, including NSi. “Almost 40 percent are undecided. People know that they do not want this left-wing and things as they are happening under this government. On the other hand, they also say that they do not want such a right-wing. Here we have a big problem in how we will address the segment of voters between 35 and 50 percent,” he said, adding that this is something the right-wing should deal with day and night. “These votes, half of the votes that voted for Golob, Cerar, Šarec in the last elections,” he mentioned, emphasising that these are votes of different voters than those on the right: more liberal, less interested in family issues, more supportive of LGBT, not interested in politics, would like not to have to deal too much with politics, want someone in power to lead the country well, the economy to function, taxes to be low, the judiciary to work… According to him, those who offer this will receive their votes.

Gorenak: I do not put much trust in polls

According to Gorenak, polls indicate that SDS and NSi together could have the majority that the current coalition has. “This may be good, but I do not put much trust in polls,” he emphasised, recalling that when SDS claims victory in elections, they lose, and vice versa. “Regarding the percentage reach, I am sceptical. From our side, things are clearly set up, I would expect NSi to be the one to step into this space. If NSi steps into this space, they might even win the elections. I will be the first to congratulate them, in that case, they will be forming the government, deciding whether to go left or right… We always hear from their side, those familiar voices, that Janez Janša must go, if he does not go, we will never come to power, which is not true,” emphasised Gorenak, recalling that NSi has been a good coalition partner in all governments. “In all governments, we have cooperated well, so I am surprised by the stance that they will not go with Janša.”

Pogorelec responded that they mostly agree with SDS on everything, except for one retirement issue. According to him, the Slovenian right needs rejuvenation to address the centrist voters. He believes that this segment of voters does not want Janša. “Janša is repulsive to 70 percent, and 30 percent find him very dear. Me too. I attended all meetings before independence in support of him, including all independence meetings,” he said. Despite Peter Prevc winning two silver medals in the last two competitions, he added the following: “We all love Peter Prevc. He is great, but in the end, he also has to jump. When he no longer jumps far enough, he simply has to step aside.” According to him, Janša should step aside due to the entire option because he cannot reach 46 seats in parliament. If Logar took over SDS, he is convinced that the right-wing would win easily, possibly even reaching two-thirds.

Rejection of NSi with eight MPs

Gorenak responded by saying that he and his party colleagues have never delved into who will be the president of their party. “You talk about Janša’s repulsiveness. Well, who is more repulsive? We have 28 MPs, and you have 8.” He explained to Pogorelec that the party and its members will deal with Janša. According to him, their party elections are among the most democratic, not only in Slovenia but also in Europe and the world. “Our statute clearly states that all members vote on the same day, at the same time, through municipal committees, in secret ballots. It is unfair to target Janša. It is the same as if I started talking about how Tonin is bad, how Novak is bad, how things need to change. Focus on yourselves, win, and I will congratulate you,” he made it clear.

“However, Mr. Pogorelec, the situation with you is like this. You have ‘valungas’, as they say in another world. Because in the first government, you were not appointed as the head of the legislative service, everything was blamed on Janša. In 2011, 2012, you calmed down, there were no problems because we were in the government. In 2020, you were quiet again, and then you started again. Sorry, you are seeking forgiveness for your own interests,” explained Gorenak, recalling their meeting on September 29th, 2000, at the Maxi café, where Pogorelec invited Gorenak, who wanted to become a constitutional judge. According to Gorenak, he was even willing to apologise to Janša for this.

If NSi goes to the left, then probably there will not be any of them in 4 years

Gorenak advised Pogorelec to focus on themselves rather than Janša. “Why do you talk about us as the opposition, yet you are crashing into the neighbouring president? Maybe you should look at yourselves; I never dealt with who would be your president, neither did my colleagues in principle.” Gorenak stated that he does not know who influenced Tonin’s stance after the elections that they would go into a coalition with Janša. Pogorelec claims he has nothing to do with Tonin’s decision, but in his opinion, it is the right decision. “We will only get the undecided with the promise that we will go into the government with Janša,” he said. Gorenak responded that they have the right to make such decisions, and no one denies them that. “Hypothetically, if Ninamedia is right about the elections and your claim that you are going to the left, then probably there will not be any of you in four years,” warned Gorenak.

Another opposition party has never in its history led the Public Finance Control Commission

Gorenak continued the conversation by reminding that NSi leads three strong committees in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. “I see friendly agreements in the Finance Committee, instead of solid oversight of the coalition. I regret this,” he said, emphasising that in the history, no other opposition party has ever led the Committee for the Oversight of Public Finances. They demanded it and got it with the help of coalition votes.

Towards the end of the show, the discussion also touched on SDS Member of Parliament Anže Logar. Gorenak emphasised that Logar is a member of SDS and stated that he will act within their parliamentary group. “That is what he said. Logar can be a new face, even within SDS,” he added and reminded that in 2025, before the regular elections, they will have a party congress. “If he does not run in the elections, it will lead to an independent party,” he continued, and when asked if there could be a rift between Janša and Logar, he responded that he does not think so. “They have some different views, but nothing more.”

Pogorelec stated that he agrees that Logar taking over SDS could alleviate repulsiveness. Regarding the potential disintegration, he mentioned that it would not happen if Janša would support Logar, comparing it to the downfall of LDS after Drnovšek left the party. “He is the optimal successor for Janša. The Slovenian right needs rejuvenation. The process cannot be stopped anymore,” he declared, expressing his wish for a winning right-winger to emerge. Gorenak responded by advising them to focus on themselves since the members will decide on the president of SDS themselves.


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