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George Soros wants Poland, too

Just like in previous years, US stock market speculator George Soros has launched another campaign against Poland. The topic of abortion once again serves as a pretext for Soros’s organisations to do their best to disrupt order in the country.

Pro-abortion protesters have once again taken to the streets in Poland just like during the 2016 series of demonstrations called “Black Mondays”. The country has seen days of protests against a Constitutional Court ruling that bans the abortion of impaired foetuses. The court based its decision on the provisions of Poland’s Fundamental Law on the right to life of all human beings, confirming the body’s decision brought in 1997 that human beings also have the right to life in the prenatal stage. The Constitutional Court established that an incurable disease cannot justify abortion.

Protesters are chanting feminist slogans, advocating the right to abortion and campaigning against the government under the rainbow banners of the LGBTQ movement.

As in 2016, organisations sponsored by the network of the US stock market speculator George Soros have lined up behind the protests again.

A pro-abortion organisation called ASTRA Network has poblished a report on the events on its website. They also published a call on their Facebook account, urging protesters to share photos of themselves tagging the organisation.

ASTRA is an old ally of George Soros and his network. OSF’s annual report from 2001 shows that their cooperation with the foundation goes back 19 years. This organisation is a branch of the Federation for Women and Family Planning, or Federa, also based in Warsaw.

The Global Fund for Women (GFW), an ally of the Open Society Foundations, generously supports both ASTRA and Federa.

(Photo: V4 Agency)

Federa does not want to be left out of the unfolding events. They publish regular updates on the events, sharing photos of the protesters on Twitter.

The Stefan Batory Foundation, Soros’ organisation in Poland, also appears behind the demonstrations. The organisation has declared its solidarity with the demonstrating women, as well as its support for a group called Womens Strike (Strajk Kobiet), which had taken part in organising the so-called “Black Mondays” protests.

The Soros empire’s international lieutenants also actively participate in the protests. Amnesty International in Poland has launched a petition and came up with potential slogans for the demonstrators.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation European Network, which received 400 thousand dollars from Soros’s foundation in 2018, has sent an open letter to the European Union expressing concern about the harshness of police action against what they consider to be peaceful protests.

The Polish Helsinki Committee, which received 1.4 million dollars from the Open Society Foundations in 2018 alone, has published a guide for protesters. It states, among others, that no administrative body must be notified in advance of the “organisation” of spontaneous gatherings. They also give advice on how to behave during a house search by police, when being pepper sprayed or succumbed to direct coercive measures.


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