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For the return the European Union to its roots

Last Thursday, the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Janša, paid an official visit to Brussels for the first time since his election as Prime Minister and met with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The day before, he also took part in a video conference »Europe uncensored«, where he presented his views on the state and future of the European Union. In addition to Janša, the conference was also attended by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and philosopher and Member of the European Parliament François-Xavier Bellamy. Participants talked about how to shape the future of Europe in the face of all the key challenges we face.

Janša first pointed out Brexit, which was a strategic catastrophe, as it completely upset the balance of power. According to him, the time when the new countries joined the EU was a golden age for the Union. However, problems arose with the new Constitutional Treaty, and even the Lisbon Treaty could not solve these problems. The later economic crisis has shown the weakness of Europe’s unfinished projects, such as the European Monetary Union. This was followed by the migrant crisis, which showed the wrong approach of the European institutions and ultimately contributed to Brexit. The third major challenge is the new coronavirus, which brings many economic consequences. The most important thing is to defeat the virus − until there is a vaccine and a working cure, it will be possible to live a partially normal life only with the help of an infection tracking application.

Then Janša pointed out cultural Marxism, as according to him it is »the same formula as it was written in the communist manifesto from 200 years ago«. It says there that in order to create a new world, it is necessary to dismantle the nation, the family, private property, private education and religion. And this is now happening through the mass media, universities, the cultural industry, multinational institutions, some political parties. Janša sees the solution in the fact that the EU is established as a union of values. If EU acts in the spirit of the values ​​that the EU’s founding fathers envisioned, it will overcome the challenges.

»We have to rethink our identity and we have to fight for it.We must fight for the people, for the Europeans, for our heritage, for our nations, for our freedom, for our way of life, because this will be our future,« said the Slovenian Prime Minister.

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