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For how much longer will for the second time now, the Administrative Court in the service of the deep state has delayed the appointment of the RTV supervisors!

Before the session of the RTV Supervisory Board, the Administrative Court suspended the appointment of new RTV supervisors once again, due to an appeal by the old supervisors, despite the fact that the Supreme Court annulled the first decision and gave instructions for a second, legal decision. The Administrative Court’s ruling shall suspend the decision until the final ruling in the administrative dispute is made. Many citizens are disappointed in the slow work of the courts, which can make even the simplest disputes drag on for years, but when it comes to maintaining the left-wing monopolies, the courts work perfectly. If, of course, it so wishes, and if the wishes from the background, which largely depend on political interests, are strong enough.

The Administrative Court, composed of Damjan GantarDarinka Dekleva Marguč and Jasna Šegan, has once again stayed the government’s decision, with which it appointed Borut RončevićAnton Tomažič and Drago Zadergal as new RTV supervisors on April 16th, and dismissed the three old members of the supervisory board, Matjaž MedvedIrena Ostrouška and Petra Majer early.

The Supreme Court annulled the Administrative Court’s decision and remanded the case for retrial, taking into account the change and development of the case law. However, in the retrial, the Administrative Court took the plaintiffs’ wishes to have the court overturn the government decision as illegal and halt the legal effects until a final decision is issued, into account once again. And so that is exactly what happened.

When it comes to the interests of the deep state, the court acts expeditiously
What is particularly interesting is the court’s decision in favour of the old supervisors. After the new supervisors of RTV were appointed on April 16th and a meeting of the supervisory board was convened on July 29th, the administrative court suspended the dismissal of the old supervisors on the day of the meeting. The new members of the board were informed of the court’s decision just before the session, which is why they did not even start it, which meant that an important discussion did not happen. The items on the agenda included the financial plan for 2020, and since it was not confirmed by the supervisors, the public service broadcaster currently operates in twelfths.

The fact that the first decision of the Administrative Court was a very unusual manoeuvre, adopted just before the meeting of the Supervisory Board, tells us that this was no coincidence, nor was it a coincidence that the second decision was once again made right before the meeting of the RTV Supervisory Board. However, on September 23rd on Twitter, the new supervisor Rončević already mentioned the possibility of the court stopping the session of the supervisory board once again with their decision, which it did. The deadline for the answer was set on September 28th by the court, and this was then followed by the final decision.

Many people in this country are disappointed in the slow work of the courts, which can lead to even the simplest disputes dragging on for several years, and as a result, court backlogs accumulate, but when it comes to the important interests of maintaining the left-wing monopolies, the court is very efficient. If, of course, it so wishes, and if the wishes from the background, which largely depend on political interests, are strong enough. And who actually controls the judiciary in this country is clear as day. The member of the Senate, Darinka Dekleva Marguč, who in 2017, in another composition of the Senate, delayed the deportation of the illegal Syrian migrant Ahmad Šami to Croatia, is a great example. Her decision was later overturned by the Supreme Court as well.


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