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Falcon is going to Frankfurt for football – is Tina Gaber going too?

By: Spletni časopis

After the budget session of the government, Prime Minister Robert Golob will fly to Frankfurt today on the Falcon to catch the start of the match between Slovenia and Portugal at 9 PM, which he plans to watch with the Portuguese Prime Minister, Luis Montenegro.

The ministers will continue their discussions on budget plans for the last two years of their term during the budget session, which will start at noon. They must propose the plans for the collection and expenditure of money for the years 2025 and 2026 to the parliament by the end of September.

According to POP TV, the prime minister’s office did not respond to whether the prime minister’s companion, Tina Gaber, will be in Frankfurt tonight. She was in Germany during the match against Serbia but did not appear in any footage from the game with the prime minister, and she also travelled separately and not with the prime minister.

Today’s trip of the prime minister to Frankfurt caused some complications because the prime minister postponed a 3 PM meeting of the leaders of all parliamentary parties on changes to the electoral system following the consultative referendum, in which the majority supported the introduction of a preferential vote, due to too many obligations. The almost immediate postponement after the invitation showed that there is a lack of coordination and some confusion in the prime minister’s office, as pointed out by the leader of the SDS parliamentary group, Jelka Godec.


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