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Expected: they intend to finance the construction of rental apartments with a “dedicated” tax

By: Ana Horvat (Nova24TV.si)

At work committee at the request of the SDS, there was a discussion about the construction of rental apartments, where the representatives of the current government served up new excuses about why they changed the promises about the number of new apartments. In addition to the shifting of responsibility to previous governments, funding was also a key problem, which is now apparently gone. The State Secretary at the Ministry of Solidarity was clear – the provision of resources for housing construction will come from nowhere other than the taxpayers’ pockets.

New day, new tax. Thus, the current government secures its sources of funding for its goals. If even yesterday there was a problem in the financing of housing construction, the State Secretary at the Ministry of Solidarity Future Klemen Ploštajner announced the “solution” we were expecting. The introduction of a new “dedicated” tax.

“… or it will be in some form of a dedicated tax, we call it, that is, some specific tax will flow exactly for this area, which is key with this system resource and what is the central meaning of this is that it is independent of the current policy,” Ploštajner said on state television. Let us remind you that at yesterday’s work committee, at the request of SDS, MP Anja Bah Žibert, among other things, pointed out the search for a source of financing for the construction of apartments, because, as she said according to the Housing Fund, “if there are no concrete measures now, the realisation of 20 thousand public rental housing by 2030 will not be feasible, as the funds from the recovery plan have already been used up and new sources will have to be found”, as they promised. At the same time, Ploštajner announced the establishment of a stable source of funding for housing construction and said that the ministry was looking for a stable systemic source, which it is now clear that they have found. The government is apparently planning to introduce a new dedicated tax, which means that their unrealistic plans will be funded by all taxpayers.

“How does the Ministry for a Solidary Future envision the financing of a solidary future? Simply. In solidarity. You introduce a new tax, and that’s it,” wrote Edvard Kadič on Twitter.

Let us remind you that in addition to promises about the number of apartments, the government also planned the introduction of the Vienna housing model, in which “half of the percentage of the gross salary is paid by the employer, and the other half from the gross salary by the employee. This is how rental apartments in Vienna are financed, which is what Robert Golob’s government is following,” wrote Finance regarding Vienna’s celebrated housing policy.

It is a dysfunctional model based on socialist delusions. The first is that the problem is a lack of non-profit rental housing. Slovenia actually has the highest ratio of non-profit rentals to for-profit rentals in the developed world; for every Slovene who lives in a commercial rental, there are almost two who live in a non-profit rental.


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