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During His Time as Mayor, Bratušek’s Minister Marko Bandelli Flings Almost 130,000 Euros of Municipal Money into Single Firm!

The Minister Marko Bandelli from the Party of Alenka Bratušek, resents the accused (not convicted!), saying he will never understand why they can run for office (in the parliamentary elections) and become part of a team that is supposed to represent integrity, honesty, and the people. However, the fact is that one does not have to dig very deeply to run into the evidence that proves Bandelli a not very honest man himself.

We reveal how almost 130 thousand euros of municipal money flowed into the company of Jernej Živic Arhipelag, d.o.o, while Bandelli was still the Mayor of the Municipality of Komen. This happened despite his citizens’ opposition to the project and despite the public tenders! Otherwise, it was all done legally – by breaking the amounts into smaller ones – yet it remains very controversial and it screams of corruption.

While Marko Bandelli enjoys his function as Minister of Development, Strategic Projects and Cohesion, skeletons are coming out of the closet pointing to all the irregularities that were occurred during his time as Mayor of Komen. On the 22nd of June, his time in office as mayor terminated as a result of his election as Member of Parliament. His many tweets testify to his inexperience in this role, in particular, the position of minister, which he subsequently became. Among other things, his appalment on the Twitter network, when he said, “I will never understand why the accused can run for office and become part of a team that is supposed to represent integrity, honesty, and the people. How can someone who has been charged represent me? Something is really wrong. We must solve this.” Many things could be written on his honest work as well…

When Bandelli was Elected, Arhipelag Lost its Seat on The Gravy Train

The Komen Municipal Councilors have warned for a long time that Bandelli, during his time as Mayor, carried out quite a number of projects by disregarding the tenders and mostly with his friends’ businesses. One of the projects that is most striking is the cooperation with the “house” architect Jernej Živic or his company Arhipelag, d.o.o., which has its headquarters in Izola and an unmarked office in Ljubljana in the old Tobačna (Tobacco Factory) on the Tržaška road. The Erar application reveals that this company was receiving inflows into its own account from the Komen Municipality, precisely at the time Bandelli was Mayor, more specifically between June 2016 and May 2018. The early parliamentary elections were held on June 3., Bandelli was elected MP, thereby stopping the gravy train to the Archipelago.



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