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Does Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Nataša Sukič have serious personal issues? After a heavy defeat in the European elections, she lashed out at Zala Tomašič and the SDS

By: G. B. 

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and member of the Levica party, as well as LGBT activist, Nataša Sukič, appears to be facing issues. Recently, as the Levica party’s lead candidate in the European elections, she suffered a severe setback, with the Levica once again failing to secure a single parliamentary seat.

It might be coincidental that yesterday, during Ljubljana Pride, Nataša Sukič had a “her day” and expressed her frustration on social media towards the winning party, SDS. Especially, she has a strong dislike for Zala Tomašič, the youngest elected Slovenian MEP. Like this:

Are we close to the author of the hateful graffiti? @StrankaLevica Deputy President @DrzavniZbor? pic.twitter.com/muKqXfLsLZ

— Janez Janša (@JJansaSDS) June 16, 2024

For comparison: Sukič received 10,707 preference votes in the elections, while Zala Tomašič received 26,835, which is nearly as many as the entire Levica party list received in the elections.

Among extreme leftists, rhetoric about “fascism” is already so familiar that even Nataša Sukič’s “antifascism” does not surprise us. Just as her “artistic installations” with migrants do not.

Awkwardly, she is the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, who also leads sessions in the absence of President Urška Klakočar Zupančič. This reveals her true attitude towards the largest opposition party.


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