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Communist methods: A prominent member of SD Jauševec calls on Twitter to also close the profile of the Prime Minister!

By: Nova24tv

“Twitter, now is the time to suspend Janez Janša, a great supporter of Donald Trump,” a prominent member of the Social Democrats, Uroš Jauševec, called on Twitter. In doing so, he provoked the reactions of many followers for whom freedom of speech is still an important value.

These days, we are witnessing huge shifts in the field of freedom of expression on social networks. Giants such as Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter collectively silenced US President Donald Trump, and later even many more of his supporters. The numbers of those abolished or “silenced” are measured in tens of thousands.

If even the unbelievers were convinced that there was no conspiracy behind Trump’s defeat, it is now clear that the goal of stopping the right fully justifies the means. And, the methods are spreading like wildfire also to Slovenia and many people would introduce them to silence political rivals.

The statement is unworthy of a representative of the Democratic Party

Uroš Jauševec, a prominent member of the Social Democrats, proved to be one of them. The former Secretary General would silence the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Janša, in the style of Trump’s suspension from social networks. This would bring us closer to the former leaden times, when public expression was allowed only by the standards of the then undemocratic and totalitarian government, and any criticism of it was forbidden. It should also be recalled that in communist times the verbal code was used in the Criminal Code, and the “famous” Article 133 of the SFRY Criminal Code provided severe penalties for all those who criticized the then regime. Jauševec therefore no longer hides that he would silence his political opponents with the help of censorship and that he does not differ from the ancestors of his party – the League of Communists of Slovenia.

Due to his statement, Jauševec ran into a resistance from all those for whom freedom of speech is still one of the fundamental constitutional and democratic values. We present just a few of many remarks: “You forgot to suggest Goli otok, expropriation, and torture. Undoubtedly, this will get its turn, I guess.” “A socialist activist calls on the capitalist oligarch to silence his rival.” “So you would like to ‘cleanse’ everything so that your ‘truth’ is the one and only. Democracy in the communist way!” “What a pity for someone to stoop to such a level that he calls for a Big tech company for censorship and silence just because of a different opinion… I admit, I cannot live up to your pathetic position. Pitiable.”


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