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Bars, Restaurants, Salons, Small Stores, Libraries, Museums & More Re-Opening in Slovenia, with Restrictions

Quarantine restrictions will be eased further on Monday as stores under 400m2 reopen along with bar terraces, hair salons and beauty parlours. People will again be able to visit museums, libraries as of this week, and go to church.

Moreover, professional athletes will be allowed to train again. Despite the easing of restrictions, safety measures will still apply. In case of bars and restaurants, this means that tables will have to be arranged in a way to allow customers to keep one-metre distance. Guests will also have to wear masks or other protection to go to the toilet or enter any other closed rooms. Owners will have to regularly disinfect and air their premises.

Some bar owners, especially on the coast, have decided not to reopen yet because they are dependant mostly on foreign guests, so opening their door in the current situation would mean they would be making a loss. Stores under 400m2 will reopen, except for those in shopping malls which do not have their own entrance.

Hair and massage salons, and beauty parlours will welcome one customer at a time, and the customers will have to wear a face mask. Those working in the salons and beauty parlours will have to wear a face mask, visor and gloves.

In churches, believers will also have to wear protective masks or other protection and keep a 1.5-metre distance if they do not live in the same household.

The services of making or repairing textile products, footwear and leather products will also be available again, along with key cutting, photography, watchmaking and photocopying services. Seamstresses and jewellers will also open their door again.

Top athletes competing in individual and team sports will be allowed to train again but only individually.

Also opening this week are museums, libraries and galleries, which received the government’s permission to reopen before the May Day holidays but said they need more time to prepare for the reopening.

General libraries will reopen today, while most galleries and museums will open their door again on Tuesday. Some bookshops are already open.

This is the latest round of easing of restrictions for businesses since 19 April, when takeaway restaurants, DIY stores, car showrooms, car washes, stores selling bicycles, technical goods and furniture stores, dry cleaners, some repair shops, and insurance agents started working again.

The government imposed a temporary ban on most retail establishments in mid-March.


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