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Are you surprised that Zemljarič is being worshiped? Tito bragged about killing, but he is still considered a hero

By: Andrej Žitnik / Nova 24TV

Slovenia is still full of Tito’s roads, streets, squares, and bridges. His statues, portraits (even in law enforcement offices!) still haunt the country like an evil ghost of the past. Every day, when we walk from some Tito Street towards Kidrič Street and on to Kardelj Street, we are reminded that we are not an ordinary country. We are a country where not only was there no lustration, but even vice versa – communism underwent a complete rehabilitation. The burial of Janez Zemljarič with military honours is only the tip of the iceberg. If some people, who would like to pretend to be civilised liberals, take comfort (or at least justify their views in public) that Zemljarič was never proven to have killed anyone, it is clear, however, that one of the heroes of the Slovenian extreme left Josip Broz Tito is a proven murderer and one of the worst dictators in the history of Europe.

In a video that circulated on social networks, this son of a Slovenian mother even bragged about how many people he had killed in his life. In the video, he said “that for the first time in his life he stopped the practice of shooting (probably speaking in the context of hunting he participated in) because he had killed too much of everything in his life.”

He and the man who interviewed him laughed sweetly, because they both knew what Javoršek’s Jože was alluding to. In the countless trenches dug in Slovenia and other parts of the Balkans, where innocent men, women and children lay, the flower of the Slovenian intelligentsia, which we now lack so much.

People are well aware of his crimes, as they even make fun of them. Not of Tito, but of his victims. You know the old sayings “we did not do them enough” and “Christians, we slaughtered you in 1945, we will slaughter you today”. We know that Tito is a murderer, and we are fine with that. We are a nation with a perverted sin from the past, for which the perpetrators and their descendants do not repent but justify and glorify it.

Therefore, we should not be surprised that the government of the Republic of Slovenia decided at the meeting to bury Janez Zemljarič, the head of the infamous communist secret police, which acted more like a terrorist organisation than some CIA, with military honours. This is the current psychosis of Slovenia, which reflects the fact that we have not come to terms with the sin that marked us fatally.

Together in the picture, they represent an excellent display of Slovenian abnormality. One who brags about killing, and another who, in his last years on Earth, attacks a journalist who wants to ask him something about his dark history. Together, they show us that Slovenia is not a country of core Europe, but a socialist, morally bankrupt firebrand in the middle of Europe.


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