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Are Tiko Noš and Rotko Zdenič international traitors?

I’ve known both of them since time immemorial. Tiko Noš has always had half a dozen jobs with high salaries at the same time, and it was easiest to get him at home during working hours. However, he reacted hourly to road accidents and was able to help those affected, even though with his brother’s bank help he borrowed my money from an NLB account to finance local drug production  and he banned the publication of my father’s memories at FDV Skodelica kave.

As a dissident, he brags about a poll about the greater popularity of Kavčič than Kardelj, while Rotko Zdenič’s main dissident act was the unpaid translation fee to Kradelj in Teorija in Praska (Theory and Scratch). Both of them, along with their grandchildren, resented the right-wing, above all, for the insufficiently passionate greeting on the road after they became prime ministers, while the two of them remained comic former professors. Being a serious scholar, I am not to judge the cheaply politicized question of who was bigger collaborator during the war. Anyone who has collaborated with Top-Cat in any way in throwing into abysses, gulags, destroying castles and churches dear to tourists, has been and will be an international traitor, including those who advocate these actions without any effect. Therefore, I gladly leave it to You, dear reader, to judge him, who is guilty of great massacre.

Chinese and Slovenian COVID-45

Like my namesake, the son-in-law of my teacher Vasja, who curiously watched Kradelj on his last journey, I have always been interested in talking to Tik Noš and Rotko Zdenič, whom I even invited to my father’s funeral. I was interested in whether they have a terrible conscience because of the damage they had done to the right half of the Slovenes. Like my namesake, I was horrified to find out that the Reds had no conscience: they just like to drop a COVID-45 from Wuhan to kill hundreds of thousands in the abysses around Kočevje, if the party orders it. Fear the Chinese! wrote Tito Doberšek (*1944) after a Russian prank in Prague, which was of course only a piece of cake compared to the Chinese COVID-45.

People who suffer from the almost incurable communist disease COVID-45 first lose their conscience. Therefore, they mostly suffer if their pockets are not full enough. They do not think with their own head, but with the pumpkin of their party boss, who is just a god. That’s why they’re so infinitely dangerous: at first glance, they look like people, but in reality, they’re just comic communists. They calculated that the homeless on the subways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris would transmit the viruses indefinitely just as in the impossibly overcrowded settlements of the Lombard poor. Communist Chinese capitalist success is based on frauds not even foreseen by Marx and Trotsky. They, as cosmopolitan Jews, simply did not believe in communism in one country, as the Chinese way of thinking was completely foreign to them. The possibility of isolated communism was much closer to the Georgian Stalin, but Gorbachev and Yeltsin shattered his dreams as a house of maps with all Soviet satellites except HIPEK (Hišnik’s Illegal Party of Comedians). The little pig may have really killed its cultural caretaker, but the Prekmurje Hišnik (Caretaker) is sooner or later invincible. A cure? Social distance. As soon as you see or hear a European infectious communist, past or present, you avoid him with a turn of at least 100 meters.

As a scholar, I am primarily interested in where do people get so much meanness that they are working without any results in Slovene politics for so infinitely long. As a native American, I find it almost personal to encroach on all these long durations. However, as a scientist, I am strongly tempted by how and why the Slovenian COVID-45 virus of the left-right endless quarrel jumped across the Atlantic, even though sooner or later almost no one is cheering for the Chinese.

46 2 kucan tos roter

Memory of FSPN

Rotko Zdenič liked to host me at his wife’s Bela krajina homestead at Tri fare, even before the suicidal Dry Assistant (Suhi asistent) wrote him apologetic books. Their colleague Bibič had a serious problem because he was christened for Adolf in 1933, but he was much better than other Dolanc’s teachers because of his son’s glorious musical acumen. In Dolanc’s school of popitology they brougt up Pankrti, Begnagrad, Kacin, Korzika, Kirn, Bavčar, Jelušič, Kučan’s daughter, Mahnič. At FF, the rival Ahac created Debenjak, Žižek, Štrajn and Zlobec, the PF on purpose fired Bučman to make him a dissident, while Tito-Kardelj-Kidrič’s SAZU and the Rectorate are run by the FE. The problem should be solved by caesarean section: anti-feminist members of SAZU must return their appanages for the benefit of young exiled Slovenian scientists and pensions must be abolished for all comic ones for the period of their membership in the KPS and / or Udba for the benefit of honest pensioners. The Czech and East German KP and STASI have been declared criminal, although their crimes do not even come close to the crimes of the KPS and Udba. But we all know what it’s all about. There is no need for lustration to declare the organizations of Tik Noš and Rotko Zdenič criminal after their infiltrated Bučman prevented the official lustration persecution of the KPS. It will be enough to collect their pensions. Are Tiko Noš and Rotko Zdenič traitors? Indeed, when the KPS traded in drugs, it has always been inked with huge profits. When the dealer Jugo Primožić was finally caught by the police, Tiko Noš and Rotko Zdenič made sure that he was not put behind bars: for reimbursement he had to work for the KPS at the Noš’s Center for the Disintegration of the University.

A cat in a sack or without it …

In 2019, Rotko Zdenič transcribed Trump’s comment Charlotesville “Unite the Right” in 2017 and blamed both sides. The Protestant anti-communist Churchill disliked neither, but the biggest son of the Slovene mother, Josip Skoz Rito, was twisted like a pretzel. Thus, Tiko Noš and Rotko Zdenič won, including Top-Cat. Unfortunately, Hišnik’s agitators Tiko Noš and Rotko Zdenič extended the war even in the quiet time of the criminal KPS, therefore, their pensions should also be collected retrospectively, let the KPS drug store pay them. There were almost no honest people among the KPS members, so their pensions should be used to prevent a recession after the pandemic. I have known both of them since I was a child and I know very well that they do not intend to improve. At most the opposite. Tiko Noš and Rotko Zdenič may not really be the real traitors of the Slovenian nation, but they are undoubtedly harmful rogues. Top-Cat really isn’t close anymore, but its offspring Tiko Noš, Rotko Zdenič, Hišnik, Pisani Tišlar continue to deal with cats. Anyone who has ever worked for Udba or KPS will never understand this, much less accept it. Therefore, these pests should be placed in the cold. Tiko Noš and Rotko Zdenič are, of course, my longtime friends, therefore ’I said goodbye to hope, to fear, my heart is empty, not happy at all and it wants the hope and fear back’. But there is no other option: The Hišnik’s hungover pals Tiko Noš and Rotko Zdenič should be removed from the healthy core of the Slovenian nation, in which they are both harmful viruses. Just as viruses they do not have a real envelope, similar to a real cell, so they need the wet cell of a benevolent Slovenian nation to be able to cause trouble, they need Slovenian media to have a cat in a sack or without it. They are basically the same as a computer virus: if there is no computer, the virus is just a stone. Even Tiko Noš and Rotko Zdenič, without the media, are just interestingly evil old men who are being bullied by EMŠO, as Tiko Noš last time told me. A computer virus is a lamo without a computer, and a virus is also a lamo without a wet cell. Neither of them has a word for themselves, but if you host them too benevolently, they become presumptuous. As always, the vampiric KPS and Udba strive only for their own full pockets, so they should pay their own pensioners; Slovenia has nothing in common with them except its all-too-great grief, sweat, tears and blood.

People who kill and throw into the abysses around Kočevje or Srebrenica are just poor people. It is the fault of Top-Cat agitators Tiko Noš and Rotko Zdenič, who tell them that this is right and that they will be paid for their crimes in the otherworldly communist world. I never understood the depth of human malice…

About the author:

Stanislav Južnič deals mainly with the history of science, more specifically physics, astronomy and other natural sciences, as well as genealogy. After a doctorate in history, he went to the United States, where he works as a researcher at the University of Oklahoma.


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