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After the terrorist attack in Vienna, the Slovenian police also strengthened their activities on the ground

In connection with Monday’s terrorist attack in Vienna, the Slovenian police have stepped up their activities on the ground and are in constant contact with partner agencies and foreign security authorities of Austria and neighbouring countries, with whom data are exchanged in close international cooperation.


“We are constantly monitoring the situation and adapting our measures and activities accordingly. The police, together with event organisers, the local community, private security entities and administrative units, assess each security event and provide security measures,” explained the General Police Administration (GPU).

According to them, with the increased security burdens during this period, they include both material and technical means and various structures of police resources in ensuring security. In accordance with security assessments, police units define security-encumbered areas and periods and approach the execution of tasks with various forms of police work.

The priorities are the prevention of criminal offenses, the maintenance and establishment of public order and peace, the provision of rapid and effective intervention and the protection of victims of criminal acts, the police said. At the border with Austria, as well as at the borders with other neighbouring countries, the police are already carrying out the tasks set by the ordinances to prevent the spread of the covida-19 epidemic.

As part of this and other tasks, police officers monitor the traffic of persons coming from Austria and other Member States of the European Union. According to the GPU, all police officers are aware of the latest developments in the union and are implementing all planned security measures.

“One of the constant tasks is to raise awareness about radicalisation, which leads to violent extremism or terrorism, with which we are also cooperating with other stakeholders,” they wrote for STA.

Monday’s terrorist attack in Vienna claimed four lives among civilians, according to the latest figures. Several people were injured. The attacker, a 20-year-old Austrian and a citizen of Northern Macedonia who was a sympathiser of the extremist group Islamic State, was also killed.


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