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Absolutely Scandalous: The Biggest Profiteer Among Politicians Wants to Limit High Wages

By: Aleksandra Jug / Nova24tv

Recently, we saw that the MPs of the Social Democrats party (SD) also quickly adopted the Left party’s ideas and way of expressing themselves. Namely, the future Minister of the Economy, Matjaž Han, told the journalists that someone with a salary of six thousand euros really does not need more money. Educated and highly qualified staff can therefore say goodbye to our country, and consequently, our country can say goodbye to the idea of becoming rich and successful. However, with Han’s statement, the part that is most contradictory is that this was said by the richest man among politicians.

The richest MP, Matjaž Han, who makes a lot of money with his successful company, has instantly transformed into a leftist for the needs of the new government, which has pretty much condemned private property. In a video posted on Twitter by the media outlet N1, Han can be heard explaining that those who earn six thousand euros a month really do not need more money. “Do they need 12 thousand euros?” Han asks the journalists in the clip and then continues: “can you eat enough food and drink enough to spend the five thousand euros you already have?” He then suggests that we all put ourselves in the shoes of someone who earns 1,500 euros a month but has the same stomach as the richer people. “Thank God,” Han then responds to the journalist, who said that Slovenia is still in a very high place on the scale of countries ranked in terms of income equality, if not even among the first few countries.

Last year, Slovenia was indeed the most noticeable in terms of income equality, as it has the third-highest score among all countries that were being compared. But this is not as good as the leftists are trying to portray it. It means equality in poverty and the inability to be better rewarded. If we want to become a rich society, we must provide the potential for the best staff to be appropriately rewarded. The new government will apparently suppress success, which means that we can say goodbye to the goal set by the government of Janez Janša, which wanted to ensure that Slovenia would get among the 20 most developed countries in the world in the coming years.

Han earns loads of money at the expense of state-owned companies
The company M & M International, d.o.o., is run by the MP’s wife, Ljudmila Han, and Han himself is registered as a partner. He accumulated wealth mainly through lucrative contracts with the Laško Brewery, which we have already reported on in the past. The Erar application, which is an online service that provides insight into the spending of public money, clearly shows that Han’s company also did business with state-owned Petrol and other state institutions. He received 210 thousand euros only from the sale of shares in the Laško Brewery.

Therefore, we want to ask MP Han, why does he need a million euros, which is the amount he earns with his company in a year. Why does he not step into the shoes of those who only earn 1,500 euros a month and have the same stomachs as he does?

It seems that Han has adapted to the demands of his new bosses like a real chameleon. This might have even been funny if it weren’t so harmful. With such policies, the Slovenian economy is in for a tough time. The rhetoric of equal pay drives any more ambitious businessmen or experts out of such a business environment.

With his millions lining his pockets, Mr Han is underestimating the professionals, businessmen and young people at the beginning of their careers, with the message: you will not earn any more in our country than what we think is right. So, as the first public appearances of the representatives of the new government show, we should not expect anything good. We will be poor, and in consolation, they will tell us that everyone else is poor as well.


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