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A Senior Police Officer In Nova Gorica Shot A Gun Out Of Joy After The Victory Of The Freedom Movement Party!

By: Andrej Žitnik / Nova24tv

Local Slovenian police stations have always been a kind of a time machine, where time seemed to stop in 1975. Pictures of the dictator Tito hang on the walls, and some older police officers in senior positions reminisce nostalgically about the days when they were part of the communist version of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. It is no wonder that such an environment sometimes produces very interesting police officers – one of them is also Dušan Djogić, assistant commander of the Nova Gorica police station, for compensatory measures. As the good people of the Twittersphere have recently revealed, he is a radical whose extremism can be compared at best to that of Boris Vasev, a journalist of the national media outlet Radio Television Slovenia’s web portal MMC.

But while it is less dangerous for society at large to have Boris Vasev writing PR messages for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, it is far more worrying to have a man in high positions in the nuclear law enforcement agency who labels a former Prime Minister as “Führer” while at the same time sending out messages on social networks that are an interesting mix of insults to right-wing voters, misogyny, chauvinism, and general vulgarity, such as: “It is hard to face the cruel reality, is it not? And when it comes to getting shot in the head, don’t wait for us, you can start with yourselves.” “There are not as many of you, the people who are getting fucked by Janša, but that is why it is your turn more often.” “I think JJ should also visit a psychiatrist, since he keeps having dreams about the boss of the Institute of the 8th of March… Wet dreams, that is. Poor guy.” “Don’t worry. When your Führer becomes Prime Minister again, everything will be back to normal.” “In any case, at the end of the day, both faggots, as well as women, ride c…ck. Why would you be an exception?” These are just some of the tweets he has published.

Dušan Djogić is also a passionate bodybuilder, who works in a unit where police officers prevent and detect cross-border crime, detect violations of unauthorised crossings of the state border and illegal residence of foreigners in Slovenia, search for illegal drugs, weapons, explosive substances, as well as forged and falsified documents and stolen vehicles, and work on other tasks, too. They started their work as soon as Slovenia joined the Schengen area in December 2007, reports the Primorska24 web portal.

This is a police officer who, apart from his obvious dislike of right-wing people and the former Prime Minister, is also a passionate supporter of the current Prime Minister, Robert Golob.

In fact, he is such a passionate supporter of Golob that, following an old custom of some South Slavic nations, he emptied a clip of a non-service pistol into the air after the victory of the Freedom Movement party (Gibanje Svoboda) in the recent elections to the National Assembly. He shouted, “For victory!” before firing the gun, and later posted the video on his Facebook profile.

A police officer who does not follow the protocol for the safe handling of weapons

Apart from the fact that this is clearly a highly politically defined person (who, at least outwardly, should be strictly apolitical by virtue of his professional affiliations), it is appalling that a police officer in the pitch dark fired a gun outside of a designated firing range, thus seriously endangering everyone in the surrounding area. A bullet from a short-barrelled weapon travels at 300 metres per second and can hit a person hundreds of metres away, fatally wounding them. Of course, Djogić had no way of knowing if there were any people walking around nearby. If it is already part of Slovenian tradition that many police officers are also left-wing activists, it is nevertheless even more appalling that a professional police officer would use a weapon in such a careless and potentially lethal manner.

However, there is another concern about his work – given that he is an apparent supporter of the new government, which is clearly in favour of the Soros concept of open borders – let’s just remember the Minister’s statement that all that the migrants want is a warm home, and the concept of tearing down the border fence in the middle of a new migrant wave, which is completely out of step with the professional public. How will a man who is part of the ‘open borders’ political option be able to detect illegal border crossings, which is part of his duties? How will we know whether – when he encounters a group of migrants – he will be a policeman, writing them up and detaining them, or a political activist of the Freedom Movement party, telling them where to find the most elegant way into Trieste and beyond. Are we still surprised that the Italian police have recently been carrying out increased surveillance at the national border?

What is going on in the Nova Gorica Police Directorate?

It is also worth noting that Prime Minister Robert Golob conditioned his confidence in now-former Minister of the Interior Tatjana Bobnar on certain personnel changes at the Nova Gorica Police Directorate – namely, he ordered her, between the lines, to replace Evgen Govekar, the director of the Nova Gorica Police Directorate, under whose command the aforementioned political activist Djogić also falls. A policeman who – what a coincidence –  will be watching over the potential proceedings against Golob (as the former President of the Management Board of the Gen-I energy company). It is obvious that Govekar – before he is inevitably let go due to political reasons – will have to do a concrete sweep-through of his administration because it is obvious that the “freedom” people are the only ones being appointed to high-ranking positions.


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