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A message from Prime Minister Janez Janša on the Day of the Unification of Prekmurje Slovenes with their motherland

Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Janez Janša (photo: Demokracija)

»Ne me Večni záto stvoro, da bi val moj brate lóčo!« (»The Eternal did not create me to separate brothers with my wave.«) Jožef Klekl senior heard the river Müra whispering this more than a hundred years ago. Jožef Klekl senior was a Catholic priest, writer, politician, publisher and editor – also a long-time editor of Novine, published between 1913 and 1941.

The annexation of Prekmurje to the Kingdom of SHS in 1919 was an exceptional event for Slovenes on the left bank of the Mura. This event fundamentally changed the lives of the people of Prekmurje and at the same time enabled at least most of them to join the mother nation politically, economically and culturally after a thousand years of living under the Hungarian crown.

Of course, the unification of the Slovenes of Prekmurje with their native nation was by no means self-evident or simple. Many great men of Slovene and other nationalities worked for a long time and with great effort to tilt the scales in the direction of joining the Kingdom of SHS and enable this unique act in the history of Slovenes.

The enthusiasm and joy of the Prekmurje Slovenes at the event, which represents exceptionality in the rich and diversified history of Slovenia, is best described by an article published on August 17th 1919 in the newspaper Novine, which has retained its power for more than a century:

»Dear compatriots!

 you are the children of a beloved Slovenian mother, the famous Slovenia, and you have to shed too many tears. /…/ Listen to her, broken hearts, listen to her all, young and old, Catholics and Evangelicals, rich and poor, you are all hers, she spreads her motherly wings over you all because you are all her children, because you are all Slovenes. That’s you! /…/ This happy news, a joyful voice about your solution, is announced to you by your Slovenian mother, mother Slovenia. More than a thousand years of slavery came to an end. /…/ Rejoice, good Slovene people, the time of your freedom has come, your faith has been paid!«
In this spirit, let me express my sincere gratitude to all those who, many years ago, encouraged people with their work to deepen their faith, love for their mother tongue, and Slovenes to unite with their native nation. Big dreams are woven from the many actions of people who respond to the call of time and, despite obstacles, persist in the path drawn by the historical moment. Because of the people who understood the historical context of the time in the history of the nation, today we are the master of our land. Even in the current moment, when the situation and challenges are different, the essence remains the same. Only united and connected in a single will and pursuit of the well-being of the homeland we are strong as individuals and as a nation.

The Slovenian nation has historically experienced many trials. We fought many battles, in which we were losers as well as winners. With joy at the victory, such as the unification of the Slovenes of Prekmurje with their native nation, all the difficult moments, nights full of doubts, endless efforts, cancellations and sacrifices were repaid. Let us step towards tomorrow with confidence, the most beautiful gift that victory brings with it. Let no doubt or fear stop us from the victory that is written in the soul of the Slovenian nation. United and unified.

Sincere congratulations on the Day of Unification of Prekmurje Slovenes with their native nation!

The message of the Prime Minister is also available at: https://www.gov.si/novice/2020-08-17-poslanica-predsednika-vlade-janeza-janse-ob-dnevu-zdruzitve-prekmurskih-slovencev-z-maticnim-narodom/

Source: Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia



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