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Sunday, May 19, 2024

While Miley Cyrus And Demi Lovato care more about UFO news corporate media was doubling down on their Donald Trump-centered conspiracy theories

by P.T. (Source: Federalist)

Pop star Demi Lovato recently announced on Instagram that she’s spent time in Joshua Tree the last few months, not hiking, but spotting UFOs. In October, Miley Cyrus said she was driving through San Bernardino when she was chased down by an alien that made eye contact with her. As it turns out, our spacey celebrities are not the only ones making extraterrestrial discoveries, they’re just the only ones making the alien headlines, Madeline Osburn from The Federalist reports.

Are Americans aware that just a few weeks ago, scientists said they think they discovered water on the moon? Do they know that in September, scientists found the chemical phosphine on Venus, which astrobiologists consider a sign of life? Maybe we can blame the election or the pandemic for sucking up all the news bandwidth, or maybe scientists are just furiously working overtime to find a way out of the current mess on Earth, but either way, the alien news even goes beyond the science world.

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