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TOP 10 beautiful, patriotic women in politics

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Because it rejects the modern gender theories and feminism, while advocating for a more traditional gender roles, the right is constantly accused of being sexist and prejudiced towards women.

The best proof that such accusations are unfounded is the fact that there are many women active in the patriotic, conservative and right wing parties. We present you with the ten patriotic, anti-feminist and proud female politicians, who are crushing those stereotypes about the right wing.

Marion Marechal-Le Pen

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Marion is a member of the National Front, renamed as National Assembly in 2018. She is the granddaughter of the party’s founder Jean-Marie Le Pen and a niece of its current leader Marie Le Pen. Aged 22 years at the time of her election, she became France’s youngest parliamentarian in modern political history.

Sylwia Ługowska

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Sylwia is a member of the current ruling conservative party in Poland, Law and Justice. She is a patriot and an opponent of feminism and mass migrations. In the Polish media she is also known as Polish Angelina Jolie.

Judit Varga

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Judit is a Hungarian Minister of Justice in the current government of Viktor Orban, and is also a member of his party Fidesz. She graduated in law in 2004, and worked as a lawyer, before she became active in politics. Besides her native Hungarian, she is also fluent in English, French, German and Spanish.

Lauren Witzke

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Lauren is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. She stands firmly for “America First” and opposes globalism and open borders policies. She is also a proponent of family values and is active in a fight against drugs.

Laura Huthasaari

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Laura is a member of a patriotic Finns Party. She was elected in European Parliament in 2019. She advocates for Finland to leave EU and opposes the islamization of her country. 

Eva Irgl

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Eva Irgl (born 9 December 1976) is a Slovenian politician and former TV host, currently serving as member of the Slovenian National Assembly. In the 2004 parliamentary elections, she was elected to the Slovenian National Assembly on the list of the Slovenian Democratic Party. She was re-elected in 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2018.

Anke Van Dermeersch

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Anke is a member of the Flemish rightist party Vlaams Belang in Belgium. She is a member of the Belgian parliament since 2003 and is a fiercy opponent of the islamization of Europe. Before she became a politician she worked as a model, and was crowned miss Belgium in 1991. She also represented Belgium in Miss Universe contest a year later.

Hanna Wigh

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Hanna was a member of the Swedish Democrats until 2017, and was later active as an independent politician. She is an opponent of feminism and the islamization of Sweden.

Pernilla Vermund

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Pernilla is a Danish architect and politician. She is one of the founders and a leader of Danish national conservative party New Right. She is also a member of the Danish parliament since 2019. Her party wants to end the receiving of asylum seekers and to deport all criminal migrants.

Maria Rosaria »Mara« Carfagna

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Maria is a lawyer who served as a Minister for Equal Opportunity between from 2008 to 2011, in Berlusconi´s government.  She’s a spokeswoman of the parliamentary group of Forza Italia at Chamber of Deputies. In the past she worked as a model, and in various television shows. She is an opponent of feminism and same-sex marriages.

Macarena Olona Choclán

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Macarena is a member of the Spanish Congress of Deputies for the right-conservative party Vox. Between 2013 and 2018 she was chief lawyer of the State of the Basque Country. In the parliament she represents the Province of Granada.

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