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Mum buys ‘paperweight’ for 50p at yard sale – years later finds priceless hidden contents

(photo by Facebook/Jessica Roberts)

by A.P.

Five years ago Jessica Roberts purchased what she thought was a paperweight from a yard sale for under £1, recently she discovered it’s actually a very different item

A woman recently got a big shock when she realised the paperweight she’d had for five years wasn’t actually a paperweight.

Jessica Roberts from Wellington, New Zealand, has gone viral on social media after sharing the bizarre story.

The mum explained that her son initially found the heart-shaped item at a yard sale and asked if they could buy it, she agreed because it was $1 (about 53p).

She’s since had it in her home, but after stumbling across a similar item for sale on Amazon, she realised that it wasn’t what she thought it was.


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