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Woman shares secret to ‘perfect’ roast potatoes with crispy skin and it’s so simple

(Photo by Georgiana Mirela from Pexels)

An amateur chef has shared a video showing ‘how to make the perfect roast potatoes’ and you only need five simple ingredients

It’s not easy to perfect crispy roast potatoes – but we may have found the easiest and most delicious-looking method yet.

Previous viral videos have advised home cooks to follow a variety of strange methods, using ingredients from Marmite to honey and mustard. 

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But now TikTok user who shares clips of her enviable roast dinners and cooking tips, uploaded a tutorial on how to recreate incredible roast spuds with a crunchy coating and fluffy filling.

And the best news is you probably already have everything you need in your kitchen cupboards at home, reports the Daily Star.



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