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To behead Ladon

Jože Biščak. (Photo: Demokracija archive)

by Jože Biščak

No doubt. Privileges and money are at stake. Not the benefits that can be given to a man in a natural way, not the money that hard-working hands and brittle heads earn. It is “something” that the progressive believe belongs to them forever and without saying, that they can steal and then own, because they pat each other on the back and reassure themselves that they said so. They do not let go of this, they guard and protect first-class like the a hundred-headed dragon Ladon protects the golden apples.

No one would mind if it was about the private sphere. It is perverse that we are all forced to pay through taxes for their all-terrain avant-garde, understood only by them and a handful of high-flying, intellectually quite sophisticated but highly corrupt “academics”. Anyone who even thinks of clipping the wings off these privileges or simply, God forbid, abolishes them, they start stumping, screaming, and cursing at anyone in their reach with fascists or free-market capitalist mercenaries who do not understand their cultural awareness of people, for which they are paid too little anyway.

A typical example is national television. Journalism is a profession where stress is always present, emergencies never stop, and where heart attacks or brain strokes are common. Everyone decides for themselves with their clear mind, therefore no one is forcing anyone into an adrenaline state with a gun to their head, however, most media (regardless of ideological orientation) just earns their bread and butter. This obviously does not apply to those operating on Ljubljana Kolodvor Street. They do not have to worry about money, as they forcibly steal it (under threat of execution or something worse) from electricity customers every month. Because this is a typical socialist technique of “obtaining” funds (for the privileged). They nail to the cross exclusively ideologically right-wing (conservative) or center-right governments, and each time, for example, they attribute them the sin that (presumably because of inequality) some children are hungry in schools. This is what people in their shows talk about, and their salary (along with “emergency” supplement) reaches (or exceeds) ministerial pay. They could pay a hot meal to 3,300 schoolchildren with just one pay!

Leftism (in all its forms) is undoubtedly an extensive and developed form of evil. The trail it left in the 20th century is a long bloody river. Only Islam can be compared to their cruelty, and both ideologies are characterised by either subordinating or destroying institutions to enslave people. This enemy is fearful, armed with all-encompassing tentacles reaching across the whole country. The latest Slovenian version is a media presentation of the new government, although, according to Šarec, this is a barbecue while a rabbit is still running throughout the forest. But this is a form, if it is well supported by the media (and in Slovenia it is through media mainstream), that deliberately causes discomfort in people. It is supported by fear of the second wave of the epidemic, which is with disrespecting the measures deliberately encouraged by ideological opponents of Janez Janša. And this is horrible. It is not a far political fight fought in elections or after the resignation of the government, but a deliberate and treacherous undermining of the government through corpses, where the puppets of Milan Kučan and Gregor Golobič have the main say in the media.

We need to stop thinking that what we are seeing and experiencing today is normal politics, normal ideological struggle. So we need to understand who we are dealing with, as we are literally in the midst of a war (not just against the virus). We must not just oppose leftism, which is turning into an increasingly aggressive form of retarded progressivism that is destroying everything in its reach. This would only strengthen it, bring us a false sense of justice and mercy. We simply do not have this luxury, we cannot afford short-term security and comfort. Let us remember our famous ancestors who sacrificed their destinies and lives for us. The time indicators of our urgency, duty, and determination have already overlapped. Even a blind man sees this.

When Ladon is beheaded, all hundred heads must be cut off. To leave one alone means to leave the seed of evil that can sprout again.

Joze Biščak, editor-in-chief of Democracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists

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