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(THE MOST-READ STORIES OF 2020) Renaud Camus: “Global replacism is not only an ethnocide, or genocide by substitution: it is also ecocide.”

(Published on October 28, 2020)

by A.S.

We talked with a well acclaimed French writer and a recipient of several literary awards, about the current happenings in the world and about his thesis of the so-called “Great Replacement” which threatens the modern European man.

You are a well-acclaimed writer and a recipient of such awards as Prix Fénéon in 1977 and Prix Amic in 1996. But you have gained some controversy as a man who coined up the term “The Great Replacement”. Could you please tell us how and why did you come up with this term and what exactly does “Great Replacement” represents?

I recently learned the word chrononym, the word for the names of historical periods, such as the Great Pestthe Great WarThe Great Depression, etc. The Great Replacement is exactly that: a chrononym, a name for a period, after what seems to me to be its most important phenomenon by far, namely, in Western Europe, the massive change of population, and, as a consequence, the no less a massive change in civilization.

As a man who coined the term “Great Replacement”, you have been labeled as a “conspiracy theorist” and a “white supremacist” by the mainstream media. What is your reaction to these accusations?

The media power has the silly habit of mechanically calling conspiracy theory every question which it thinks should not be asked, every hypothesis which it resents as a menace to what it stands for. The Great Replacement, unfortunately, is by no means a theory, and nowhere do I allude to the slightest conspiracy. Please to God that the Great Replacement be just that, a theory, and not a horrible fact; and that it would be the result of just a conspiracy, which can always be thwarted, and not a consequence among others of infinitely larger mechanisms, which are much more difficult to jam. Those mechanisms are what I call Global Replacism, and that, if you want, is a theory, which Great Replacement is not. Replacement is to my mind the major gesture of contemporary societies. Everything is replaced by something else: stone by concrete, concrete by plaster, plaster by plastic, Venice by Venice in Las Vegas, Las Vegas by copies in the deserts of Spain, Paris by a much safer Paris next to Beijing, literature by journalism, journalism by information, information by fake news, the real world by an artificial world artificially prepared for tourism, seascapes by sea resorts, mountains by ski stations, country paths by official hiking trails, letters by numbers, God by Science, Science by “human sciences”, human sciences by statistics, a man by woman, men and women by robots, robots by men and women loaded with robotic functions, humanity by post-humanity, humankind by Undifferentiated Human Matter (UHM).

So, we are now in fact witnessing the global replacement?

That is correct. Global Replacism is not only, according to my views, the most pregnant phenomenon of post-modern contemporaneity, it is also the most active form of contemporary totalitarianism. Global Replacism is tyranny today and it doesn’t need dictatorship. Democracy is fine with it, as long as it can control it by the way of “information”. Its way of managing the human park, as Sloterdijk calls it, is what I call Davocracy : derivative of the world by Davos, finance, the banks, pension funds, the “Gafas”, and in general a purely economical and numerical conception of politics: what a thinker like Alain Supiot calls “la gouvernance par les nombres”. Governance by numbers would be a suitable another name for it, and one might add: governance of numbers by numbers. There is not the slightest suggestion of conspiracy in such a way of thinking, but an analysis of the structure of power and management in a post-Taylorian and post-Fordist world. Although he is indeed not a thinker of comparable scope, Taylor is to Replacism what Marx is to Marxism. Ford is his Prophet, his Lenin. As for the accusation of white supremacism, it doesn’t have the slightest foundation in my writings and way of thinking and doesn’t even deserve an answer.

What are the main goals and interests of the global elites who are responsible for the great replacement by pushing the open borders policies?

For a long time, it has been said that the main interest of the managerial forces of the administration of the human park was to provide management with cheap labor forces. This of course remains true but is not the major issue today. The most important interest of Davocracy is to provide management with always more consumers. Davocracy is the global consumerism of the world. All ecological policies are perfectly vain as long as they refuse to deal with the greatest problem Earth has to face, the demographic explosion. European peoples in their depths have perfectly understood that, and have a very reasonable instinctive demographic attitude. This is of course anathema to Davocracy, which is busily replacing people with moderate demographic growth, or with slight and very reasonable demographic degrowth, by people with an explosive and perfectly unreasonable demographic behavior. The objection to this way of thinking is that the replacers have very little money and, as such, are not good consumers. But this objection doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, as the replacers will soon have the money of the replacees they replace. The so-called social transfers are in fact nothing but racial transfers. And the newcomers will always need housing, roads, cars, schools, hospitals, spending — that is, artificialization of the soils, plastification, pollution, destruction of landscapes, oceans turned into trashcans, the establishment of the Global Slum. Global replacism is not only an ethnocide, or genocide by substitution: it is also ecocide.

How far has the great replacement advanced by your estimations in France and Europe, and what can we do to stop it and reverse the process?

Numbers are not my thing. It has gone obviously much too far. It is the crime against humanity of the XXIth century. The only way to reverse the process is to get rid of the managerial powers which impose it and to decolonize Europe by the return to their own countries of its colonizers: what we call remigration.

While the mainstream media has been critical toward you, your views have been widely accepted by various European identitarian groups. Could you tell us what is your opinion about identitarians?

I, of course, consider with sympathy every non-violent action which goes in the direction of native revolt and decolonization. I do not consider myself as identitarian, or nationalist but as a resistant, dissident, antireplacist, and anticolonialist.

Some other figures from France whose work has also had a huge influence on the European identitarian movements are thinkers of the so-called “New Right”, such as Alain de Benoist, Guillaume Faye, and Dominique Venner. Tell us what is your opinion of their works and ideas and how do you view the New Right school of thought?

As I just said, I feel sympathy for all action and thinking which tends to liberate us from global replacism. As such I have consideration and respect for the works, or part of the works, of authors you just mentioned, but they are not my family of thought or cultural milieu. I feel much closer to writers like Tocqueville, Marx, Heidegger, Bernanos, Simone Weil, Günther Anders, Zygmunt Bauman or, closer to us, Jean Vioulac, Alain Supiot, Olivier Rey or Johann Chapoutot, etc. — not to mention Frantz Fanon, who is of course the great thinker of the inevitable destruction of all traditional structures during the process of colonization: and that is exactly what we observe today in colonized Europe.

In 2012 you took part as a candidate in the French presidential election and in 2017 you founded the National Council of European Resistance. Please tell us a bit more about this…

I am certainly the least qualified person for such type of action, but I am desperate. I am convinced what is presently happening in Europe is one of the most horrible crimes in the history of humanity and I cannot not do all I can, even if it is not in the least my vocation. I think all people who oppose this tragedy should unite, and all my efforts tend to invite them to unite against what I call genocide by substitution, or “genocide à l’homme” : that is, not only genocide of man, or by man — all genocides are such — but genocide by the means of man, as other genocides have been by the means of gas, or by the means of machete : genocide by demographic submersion, genocide under the mass of men, of Undifferentiated Human Matter (UHM).

How would you assess the current political situation in France?

As a trial for Davocracy. Emmanuel Macron is the perfect example of a davocratic manager of the human park, the local representative of global davocratic power.

How do you view the mass movement of The Yellow Vests which first appeared as part of demonstrations in 2018?

With mixed feelings, since there were in their movement everything and it’s contrary, and since they seem to have had little consciousness of global replacism and Great Replacement. Plus one of their main requests were the suppression of the carbon tax, of which I am an ardent supporter.

Thank you for the interview. Do you have any last messages for Slovenian readers?

I certainly have a message for Slovenians readers, as I would have for Japanese or Koreans or Russian readers: you have been spared so far the horrors of Great Replacement, do everything to avoid it ever, because it’s Hell for a people, and for a nation it spells Death.



Renaud Camus is a French writer and novelist, born  10th of August 1946 in Chamaliéres, a small town in the French region of Auvergne. He studied law at Oxford University in England from 1965 to 1966 and graduated in french literature at Sorbonne University in Paris in 1969. He also earned a master in philosophy and a Master of Advanced Studies in political science in 1970, and in the history of law in 1971. Later he taught French literature on Hendrix College in the United States, until he moved to Paris in 1978. He received the Prix Fénéon award for literature in 1977, and the Prix Amic academic award in 1996. Today he is known mostly as a writer who coined the term »Great replacement«, which is also a title of one of his books, published in 2011. He ran as a candidate in French presidential elections in 2012, and in 2017 he founded a pan-European movement National Council of European Resistance. The purpose of this movement is to fight against the great demographic replacement of the European population and against the »colonization« of Europe, which is a consequence of mass migrations from Africa and the Middle East


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