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Prime Minister Janez Janša visits Brežice: the Posavje region has very interesting development opportunities


As part of the government visit to the Posavje region, Prime Minister Janez Janša in a statement to the media, following a consultation and a meeting at the Faculty of Tourism at the University of Maribor, stressed that Posavje is a region of many distinguishing characteristics, which has managed to catch up with the Slovenian average in terms of development.

“Ten years ago the Posavje region was still 12 percentage points below the national average in terms of development, but today it is at the level of the national average, which is a great success,” the Prime Minister explained. He went on to add that the region would have to tackle some important challenges, of which the key ones concern energy. However, development in general cannot be based solely on the energy sector. “In light of this I am pleased to have witnessed the signing of a letter of intent to expand the capacities of the Faculty of Tourism. Tourism in Posavje has great potential for development, as it enhances the development opportunities created by the energy sector and some other economic sectors. After all, this region represents not only the Slovenian interior, but also an area bordering on the outskirts of a city of millions in a neighbouring country. To sum up today’s discussion at the government session about the development potential of Posavje, the region has very interesting development opportunities, which is why I am looking forward to the public debate with the actors of regional development in Krško this evening,” said the Prime Minister.

Asked by journalists why he did not visit any of the energy companies, Janša replied that he had visited them during his previous visit to the region. Furthermore, the region’s prospects are not only tied to the energy sector, although there will certainly be major investments in this field in the future.   “We cannot all just focus on energy, we need to think about the bigger picture,” he added.

Asked by journalists about the entry of Robert Golob into politics, he replied that “whoever wins the trust of voters and becomes a parliamentary party in the next mandate of the National Assembly, we are ready to work with them for the common good”. “As far as this particular candidate is concerned, in my opinion, it is more about Zoran Janković retaking his exam, so to speak, than anything else. Or, if I use Golob’s terminology, having failed with the queen, they are now trying to succeed with the knight, but obviously they are running out of chess pieces. The voters will have the final word,” commented Janša. “But it looks like the one who moves the chess pieces is giving out instructions,” said the Prime Minister.


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