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[Letters – from victory to victory] Bums, thieves and heroes

By: Vinko Vasle

This time I would like to write something about the heroes of our revolution, that is, about those who are really in the front lines of our cause. First of all, I must mention Jože P. Damijan, his professional name is “Frankenstein”. He is the driving force of the coalition of the Constitutional Arc “KUL”, professionally called the “Burek coalition”. He is a toiler who dedicates every day, every hour, and every minute to finding the seven votes he needs to become a prime minister. He started by not having any of the missing votes. After being warned by future KUL partners that by self-nomination for the position, he had committed himself to getting votes, he announced that he was only a little short of success. Bratušek was not happy, thus he quickly changed the forecast and said that they would be in power by Christmas. His latest forecast is that KUL coalition was already 70 % formed, which is why there is a concern in KUL that maybe the man is just not right and that they are left stranded.

Among the heroes – after the last events in the National Assembly at the sessions of the two committees – I consider the entire opposition. What Foreign Minister Anže Logar allowed himself exceeds all limits, as he had stolen the show from ours at least for the third time. We did not call him to the committee to insult us with arguments, but to admit that we have the most catastrophic foreign policy since the independence. And Matjaž Nemec was close to a heart attack as he does not allow his claims to be attacked with truths.

The third hero – I have to mention this – is out former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec. The first masks he ordered in February for December this year are expected to arrive in the country one of these days. There are no masks yet, which is a reflection of our incompetent foreign policy and dictatorship.

I certainly cannot forget the so-called hero-naturalist, the man of roads and streets, who takes care that the permanent revolution against Janez Janša, even with the beginnings of violence, is still on-going. The fact that this is not about a Slovene gives great value to this revolution. This is good, because now it cannot be said that Slovenes are undermining their own power and state, as foreigners are doing this on a temporary rap in the country. Of course, I am talking about the increasingly popular Zlatan Čordić, who is passively turning the revolution of Jaša Jenull into the prospect of street fights, arsons, and other democratic customs for a change of government in the 21st century. But another road hero, Jenull, was already aware that Janša would not go without violence, and he also said so. It is said, however, about Jenull by his People’s Assembly that he is only words, but when it comes to acting and being caught by the police, he whines like a female sexual organ. But it is important to know that some are for provocations and others will bleed because of them. Ask Tito.

Zlatan reported that he had experienced state violence against himself. They took away his self-employed status and this probably means that the whole family will be hungry. It is true he violated contractual provisions by concealing incomes, but in a country where there is such corruption that every coffee is corruption (quote from Rober Šumi, KPK president), he really cannot be an exception. He needs to be given three statuses because he is fighting for better times for us with fists, threats, and other cultural activities. Now, however, this dictatorship wants to bring him to the brink of survival, and as he now walks around Ljubljana, looking more and more like a bum and not a man who may one day be recognised as a war general for a transaction account.

They say that Zlatan is on the path of a criminal. It should be known that every good communist was a criminal at first. For example, Mika Marinko, who stole chickens in districts of rotten Yugoslavia and was persecuted several timed by gendarmes, used this as an argument after the second war that he was a victim of persecution and therefore received fine bonuses. Therefore, Zlatan and another hero Anis Ličina are on the right track. Hence, it is said today that a communist who does not steal is not a communist. That is why our people have a stolen villa.

Vinko Vasle is a longtime journalist and editor and former director of Radio Slovenia.


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