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Monday, December 11, 2023

“Burek” coalition and speculations

by Metod Berlec

On Friday, the results of the vote at DeSUS congress will be known, which are expected to re-enthrone the party’s long-time president and minister Karl Erjavec. In left-wing opposition consisting of LMŠ, SD, Levica, and SAB, they are hoping that Erjavec will now bring this government party together with SMC into the arms of the opposition.

Thus into the alleged new ruling coalition, which is supposed to overthrow the current one led by Janez Janša. In the self-proclaimed coalition of the Constitutional Arc (KUL), which is from the background composed of an operative of a so-called deep state, Gregor Golobič, and headed by a political convert Jože P. Damijan, they are already sharing parliamentary and ministerial positions. The president of LMŠ Marjan Šarec wishes to become the president of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, the president of SD Tanja Fajon will allegedly become the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the coordinator of Levica Luka Mesec plans on becoming Minister of Culture, the president of SAB Alenka Bratušek wants the position of the Minister of Infrastructure…

But all in all, these are only speculations, as it is clear that both DeSUS and SMC in the left-wing government cannot achieve as much as they can in the center-right government under the leadership of Janša. Even now, under this government, much more has been done for pensioners than under all previous left-wing governments. Additionally, SMC has a much greater programme and personnel influence in the government than the number of their MPs would indicate. It is similar with Nova Slovenija. Namely, as the largest coalition party, SDS voluntarily ceded part of its authority or positional power, which according to the number of MPs belongs to them, to smaller coalition parties.

It would be completely different in the case of a possible left-wing government, which would consist of as many as six parties instead of the current four. Already now, none of them want to give up anything, according to unverified stories. Thus, within the struggle for influence and power is already being fought. We should not even talk about the fact that the president of a possible new government could be someone without any real political power and authority. With all this, we can only say that this is a real »burek« coalition.

Metod Berlec is the deputy editor of the Demokracija magazine


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