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Behind the gates of the ninth circle of Hell

by Jože Biščak

The Prime Minister is damn right when he says: “The first question every morning is who will be queuing up today to tease in controlling the coronavirus epidemic. Apparently, the source of mischief-makers is inexhaustible. Regardless of the consequences.”

At the time when the Chinese virus knocks down everything in front of it and Europe paying the highest possible price, the situation in Slovenia is not comparable to any other country on the old continent, not even on the planet. Although a difficult period of struggle against the (still relatively unknown) “enemy” requires unity, the left-wing opposition quartet, led by the Social Democrats with Tanja Fajon at the helm, not only insults and attacks the ruling center-right (which is actually perfectly normal opposition action), but also systematically calls for non-compliance with measure intended for curbing the Wuhan virus. Although I may repeat myself, let me emphasise this once again: no one, absolutely no one in this government denies the opposition and the self-proclaimed civil society, and least of all the progressive media mainstream to control the actions and with protests contradict the workings of current government, but, for God’s sake, do not this at the expense of people’s health.

But if the behaviour of opposition, which exploits the health crisis for daily political reckoning, is still (conditionally speaking) understandable, a sane person finds it difficult to understand the sabotage of the dominant media. The only good thing in all this is that they have finally shown their true faces in front of the wider Slovenian public; these are not the independence and journalistic professionalism which they so fondly emphasise, but anti-Janšism and progressivism of the worst kind. When one reads, listens, and watches them, he can observe endless anti-government beatings, incitement to rebellion and violations of measures, the brutality of reporting shows that they neither choose targets nor means. The more dead, the better, is their latest agenda. And by protecting career criminals (Anis Ličina), sneaky cultural parasites (Zlatan Čordić), radical trade unionist (Tea Jarc), false quasi-musicians (Jadranka Juras), and “unknown” vandals, whose destruction of private and state property is portrayed by “artistic performances” or “sharp reaction of the public”, are not only at the door, but are already behind the door of the ninth circle of hell.

What this infamous morbid society is doing is no liberalism. They are full of liberalism, copying it from the lackeys of the globalist elites in Brussels. This is extreme leftism, worthy of the succession of the cruel socialist and communist regimes. Authority is allowed and intended only for them. If they lose it “by mistake” (or cowardly resign, as Marjan Šarec and others at the beginning of the year), they resort to radicalism from the textbook of George Soros.

Comrades, you have gone too far. You have gone much further than is decent for a (democratic) man. Your efforts to maintain comfortable privileges at the expense of fair work (whether it is about STA and RTV Slovenia, for seats in countless agencies and institutes, or for those idlers who would simply take from the state purse), is to keep the incompetent (losers) over the capable (winners) in the name of solving all the problems of this world, which miraculously appeared in Slovenia when Janez Janša took over the leadership of the government. You repeat yourself! You run into words that no one has uttered; you see what no one has done; you hear an orchestra that has long sunk. You are not only endangering your loved ones, but an entire generation. Your toxic effects are harmful, your supposedly immaculate motives are increasingly being recognised as sinister, vampire bites leaving deeper wounds in memory than you would like. No, you will not be forgotten when you try something new, hopefully, the last sick scam. The memory of you will be the memory of contempt and disgust as you deserve.

How has Jean-Marie Le Méné, Honorary President of the Jérôme-Lejeune Foundation and Adviser to the French Court of Auditors, put it again? Something like this: If the disease cannot be cured, it simply needs to be eradicated.

Joze Biščak, editor-in-chief of Democracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists


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