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Anti-Janšism is less and less something abstract! Death threats of Simeon Januzović, who killed a man years ago!

By: Aleš Ernecl

It is becoming increasingly clear that criminals are “sticking” to the intentions of the transitional left associated with the overthrow of the current government. This is gradually reminiscent of a not-so-distant past, when communists used drunks, murderers, or as neighbours would say “the lost” to slaughter “disobedient” people before, during, and after the war. Urban from Rumeni jopiči (Yellow jackets) posted on his Twitter profile the threats of Simoen Januzović, who years ago was in prison for running over cyclist Jože Gajšek to death.

The transition from the abstract to the concrete, as leftists would put it, occurred rather quickly. From the fact that they expressed themselves artistically and subtly set a mirror to society with “Death to Janšism”, to the fact that they started threatening Dr Milan Krek and others, they only needed a few months of unsuccessful overthrowing of Janša’s government. On social media, on more personal levels, however, threats to normal people happen much more regularly, as we might know from the US just because they support the government.

One such threat was posted on his Twitter profile by the patriot Urban, a member of Rumeni jopiči, who was recently slandered as fascist by a subversive pseudo-investigative journalist Anuška Delić: Simeon Januzović, murderer, when the ‘silent majority’ rises I will remember you first in front of Stariha.”

“At least read what nonsense you write – me, that I am “sold” because PV works well?! At this point, I end the debate with you, be well, M,” wrote a person who was threatened by Januzović. To this Januzović replied, we publish his record in its original translated form: “you are not worth anything just like Janša, a hit on your head. When we imprison them, we will remember about you, don’t worry. The people will rise soon. Guns and people will be on the street, and then these will be imprisoned. I hope you won’t hide.”

Convicted criminal

He is a convicted criminal. As reported in Delo newspaper in 2011, the district court sentenced a then 42-year-old Simeon Januzović to two years in prison at a retrial for running over and killing a 43-year-old cyclist Jože Gajšek from Dolenja vas while drunk. According to Slovenske novice magazine, Gajšek was the ex-husband of Januzović’s partner at that time.

Januzovič was driving drunk on the road towards Latkova vas and knocked Gajšel off his bike, who died on the spot. Januzovič then got out the vehicle, looked after the victim to make sure whether he was really dead, and then drove on. He had 2.3 permille of alcohol in his blood, and according to the court panel, Jazunović “did everything he could to make the accident really happen. Already at work, he was so drunk that his co-workers took him to the car. However, the great drunkenness did not stop him. He started the engine and soon after caused the tragedy. Two days later he lost his job, but otherwise his name is written in police notebook about as many times as the surname Novak in the Slovenian telephone directory, and for the misdemeanours he also owes several thousands,” they wrote in Slovenske novice.

“We didn’t kill enough of them”

The way of expression is reminiscent of those partisan, Godnič’s swear words (Godnič = actor and supporter of left-wing), “we didn’t kill enough of them” or “we will kill again, the caves are empty now”. While this is not even that relevant to us as we already have lenient prison sentences, it does explain, on some level, why leftists around the world are fighting for milder prison sentences and their civil rights. Just as they appropriate immigrants, homosexuals, and anyone with psychological or sociological problems, they also appropriate small and large criminals. Because of their promised votes and as has been seen many times in the past: Willingness to slaughter.


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