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Who actually is (was) the traitor of the Slovenian nation?

By: Borut Korun

The end of April and the beginning of May are marked by days that are marked by communist ideology. This year we felt like we were back in the time and place we escaped from decades ago.

The celebrations, which were held this year by the Slovenian authorities, did not hide their essence. They showed that this is a kind of Yugoslav Bolshevist reconquest. At the same time, with their actions, with their behaviour, with their intentions, which they no longer hide, they raised a series of concerns. Let’s say the question I expressed with the title of this paper. I will start it with a reflection on the day when we are supposed to celebrate the Day of Uprising against Occupation.

A lot has already been written about April 27th: that what was supposed to happen on that day actually happened one day earlier, or that nothing actually happened. Some pre-war admirers of the Soviet Union got together, and this meeting was later – in retrospect – declared to be the formation of some kind of group, which was supposed to be directed against the occupiers. In this case, nothing is true, neither the date nor the content of the meeting.

Of course, all these forgeries and even lies cannot cover up and obscure the real truth, which holds even as otherwise their construction “backwards”! The essence and the only truth of that meeting was that the participants, whoever it was and participated in it, stood in solidarity with the occupier. Namely, they founded the Anti-Imperialist Front. What did that mean?

World War II began with a joint Nazi-Communist attack on Poland. As a result of this attack, France and England, two imperialist powers in the communist vocabulary, entered the war. If Slovenian communists thought anti-imperialist, they sided with the occupiers of Poland and Yugoslavia. The Nazis and the Communists were allies at the time, and it is known who the alliance was supposed to be directed against: the imperialists. The vocabulary used by both is eloquent here. Slovenian communists therefore cared little for their nation, for its fate, when it was completely dismembered, and its future was more than questionable. They were interested in the fight against the imperialists, a world conflict that would bring about communist domination of the entire planet. It was an ideological, religious goal that dedicated every means and every betrayal. They also betray their nation. And also, cooperation with the Nazis. Even if ordered from their Moscow headquarters. Let’s forget that they must have considered each other useful idiots. The extraordinary ease with which the communists forgot the fate of their nation and devoted themselves entirely to a kind of “crusade” campaign against capitalism and imperialism is surprising.

After Hitler attacked Stalin, the Kominterna ordered its affiliates to revolt. Now the Nazis could become what they really were and in which they did not differ from the communists – enemies of the Slovenian nation. The Communists suddenly discovered their love for the nation. Now the nation and its deepest interests have become a “beneficial and useful idiot”. Concern for its fate is said to have mobilised the masses to revolt against their recent friends.

It is especially tragic and unforgivable that the communists carried out their apparent transformation by killing those Slovenians who might be associated with the “imperialists”, those who were not in favour of their world revolution. They were labelled traitors and sentenced to death. A fraud has taken place that has no parallel in European history. A movement that was anti-national turned into a national liberator, and its victory was marked by the killing of the people it was supposed to liberate. No wonder that part of the Slovenians decided to cooperate with the occupiers. They had no choice but to survive.

The deception succeeded, and as last year’s elections showed, the Slovenian nation has not yet realised what role the world communist movement assigned to it at that time and what price it had to pay for it.

However, left-wing reconquest also has a cosmetic flaw. It shows its essence, its anti-national content more and more clearly. Inviting migrants, abolishing the Demography Office, abolishing the Museum of Independence…

History repeats itself.


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