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Where are the limits of our madness?

By: Borut Korun

The great medieval humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam wrote the book Hymn to Madness. To his rational nature, the world at that time seemed a bit wacky. What would this wise man say about the current epidemic of madness that is now spreading throughout the Western world?

Where has common sense gone, I wondered already during the covid epidemic. How could the medical school, the medical association or anyone of sufficient reputation not react to the claims that there is no virus, that everything is just a conspiracy of unseen forces, that more people died from vaccination than from the disease? Why did they act as if the unseen masses were none of their business? I know, they thought it was too much to explain something that should be clear to everyone. Demonstrations in the streets, which were also attended by some left-wing politicians, were proof that the masses of demonstrators would believe even if they were told that the Earth is flat. Or that the Sun revolves around the Earth. For what matters is who says what, not what is said, and whether what is said is in accordance with common sense.

The nonsense should have been dealt with from the beginning, while there was still time, until the nonsense itself reached epidemic proportions. Because craziness is apparently also contagious. It would be difficult to decide which spread faster – the epidemic of the virus or the claims that the virus does not exist. The politicians who took advantage of both epidemics are of course not crazy, just corrupt. If reasonable people had acted in time, they would have taken the wind out of the sails of such politicians, who were filled with more and more nonsense.

The World Health Organisation is now really preparing a bill that would be mandatory and would ban any disinformation related to epidemics like covid. I agree with this in principle, but with a caveat. Can we trust them? These organisations are obviously not run by some kind of top experts but are sent to this place by politicians. In this way, according to the political key, Saudi Arabia decided on women’s rights in the UN.

Will the WHO ban the writing of all the nonsense that appears in relation to human sex? That gender is a sociological category? That there are dozens of genders? Do we really live in a world ruled by fools? Have the times of Erasmus of Rotterdam returned? Are we not fools too since we let fools rule us? Who will be responsible for the tragedies that will occur when children in their believe that sex can be changed will do so? Would you not rather change the fools? There would be less harm.

Even in this case, the World Health Organisation should come forward and explain that in the entire living world there are only two sexes that are necessary for the exchange of genetic material, and that this is quite enough for the “purposes” of evolution. Exceptions are those primitive creatures that are not sexual at all or can change sex. But here we are dealing with bacteria, worms, snails, fish and the like. But I do not know of a biologist who would discover a “third sex”. At least, of course, in more developed beings. Despite all the craziness we witness, we are still human.

Human development in the womb is a complex process guided by thousands of biological reactions. Even the smallest mistake can have fatal consequences. And so, it can happen that, for unknown reasons, a person does not see his sexual partner in the opposite sex, as would be normal, but in the same sex. There are several similar errors with different consequences. But it is always mistakes, not different genders.

Since it is a mistake for which these people are not guilty, of course there is no need to condemn them. Let’s let people do what they want at home and in bed – as long as they are adults and responsible people. But falling for weirdos who make political campaigns and sociological doctorates out of it or go crazy on the streets is crazy. But judging by the rainbow flags flying around the world, I’d say this craze has already won.

That is why the World Health Organisation will not mention this madness. This epidemic has already spread too much and those infected with it rule us, or we are ruled by those who, with the help of the epidemic of madness, swung themselves into the saddle of the state.

So, what would Erasmus of Rotterdam write if he returned among us? About the man of the 21st century? About his spiritual state?

Probably another book with the same title.


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