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Sunday, December 10, 2023

When Islamic terrorists brutally massacre innocent civilians

By: Dr Metod Berlec

On Sunday, November 30th, 1947, was a day of great joy for the Jews, but a day of anger and sorrow for the Arabs. The previous evening, the United Nations Organisation in New York decided that, after the expiration of the British mandate, Palestine would be divided between Arabs and Jews, allowing the Jews to finally have their own state.

Six months later, on May 14th, 1948, at the end of British rule, Israel was born, and immediately, a military attack by the Arabs on the newly established state began. The Holy Land witnessed the beginning of a conflict whose end is still not in sight. It is essential to emphasise that Jews (Hebrews) had a historical presence in the Holy Land before the Arabs (Palestinians). However, during the first and second centuries AD, when they militarily rebelled against the Romans in three uprisings, the Romans dispersed them as a punishment throughout the entire Roman Empire. Only after the end of World War I and based on the so-called Balfour Declaration (which expressed support for the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine in 1917) did they begin returning to Palestine. At that time, after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, Great Britain received a mandate from the League of Nations over the territory of Palestine and Transjordan (present-day Jordan). The declaration also strengthened the Zionist movement among Jews worldwide, and many of them started returning to the homeland of their ancestors. This caused resistance among the Arabs in Palestine, marking the beginning of Jewish-Arab conflicts, which reached one of their early peaks in the brutal war of 1948. Despite their numerical advantage, the Arabs were defeated in this conflict.

Since then, Arabs (Palestinians) and their extremist Islamic or secular organisations (associations, movements) have repeatedly tried to destroy the state of Israel. To erase it from the face of the Earth, but they have not come close to succeeding. However, the terrorist organisation Hamas managed to surprise the Israelis on Saturday, October 7th, in the morning. Members of Hamas’s terrorist units surprised Israeli border guards and crossed the border from Gaza into Israeli kibbutzim, where they killed, slaughtered, and abducted innocent Israeli civilians. Among others, they murdered more than 260 participants in the peace music festival Supernova Sukkot Gathering, which took place near the kibbutz of Reim near Gaza. In total, they killed about 1,300 Israeli soldiers, civilians, and foreigners in one day. The stories that emerged in the following days were truly heart-wrenching. One such story was presented by the renowned British journalist Allison Pearson in The Telegraph. “On Saturday, October 7th, Itay and Hadar Berdichevsky realised that ‘they’ had come for them. Armed attackers were breaking down the doors of their house in a kibbutz not far from the Gaza border. The couple, both 30 years old, had managed to secure their 10-month-old twins to safety. In panic and fear, they locked away their ‘treasure’ within seconds. Itay and Hadar were murdered by Hamas gunmen. Twelve hours later, Israeli soldiers (IDF) found the twins in their hiding place. They were still alive, but they were orphans; their mother and father, who had spent their last moments on Earth protecting them, were dead.” This is, of course, just one of the consequences of Hamas’ monstrous attack on Israel. Islamic terrorists had unleashed unimaginable violence indiscriminately.

Just as Pearson noted in the previously quoted article, The horror in Israel has put the failure of Western multiculturalism on shocking display, journalists from various media outlets worldwide (similarly in our case), with indecent haste, began seeking the opinions of extremists who asserted that mass killings, rapes, and child abductions were somehow justified because they believed Palestinians were oppressed. A representative of Hamas even shamelessly claimed on the air that they had not killed any civilians. For the aforementioned British journalist, it was particularly shocking to witness how supporters of Hamas, including Muslim immigrants and left-wing advocates, in numerous Western European cities, openly endorsed the massacre of innocent Israeli civilians at mass rallies. In Sydney, Australia, in front of their iconic opera house, there were even cries of “Gas the Jews!” In essence, it has become evident that by allowing the emergence of parallel societies within its environment and cities, Europe, unwittingly and self-destructively, might be digging its own grave. It appears to tolerate the formation of a fifth column by unwisely and suicidally welcoming hordes from the third world who support bloodthirsty mass murderers.


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