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What is Svetlana Makarovič?

By: Prim. Janez Remškar, dr. med.

Perhaps with the current appearance of Svetlana Makarovič, the approval of her appearance, her words from the so-called cultural circles, including the Minister of Culture, something else needs to be written down. She used to be a great artist without a doubt. What is she now?

With their works, in words or pictures, artists are often critical of the authorities, be it left or right. But Svetlana Makarovič has been attacking only the right wing and the church for many years. So, is she perhaps a political activist in the hands of the left, who knows how to reward such favours? Is she a ruthless, vengeful, selfish, evil old woman with some old grudges? With her current performances, is she still working as an artist or is she now just a tool of the transitional, privatising left?

Perhaps she is also no stranger to the gains of the revolution with all kinds of privileges, including medical ones, as was the case in the past? I am not even mentioning the acquisition of the transitional left, including the retention of power. What are her values? From her words, their accents, her facial expressions, only rage, divisiveness, impatience, hatred can be discerned. Her words, verses spoken here and there, often published on national television, are real hate speech. So! Who will finally, regardless of her previous artistic work, give these performances of hers a real name and stop it. Our mainstream media? No! They only hear hate speech on the right. Am I faking something? And such performances are enthusiastically applauded by her supporters.

The media show this with approval, and in the evening the journalists of the mainstream media are again full of mouths about how to resist hate speech. Let’s be clear: The left, whatever it is in our country, newly formed or transitional, disguised as communists, does not mind hateful speech and division of Slovene men and women. Comrade Milan Kučan and company write public, “peaceful” letters with peace demands because of the war in Ukraine. I would like to contact all of us in this regard due to the intolerance and hostility of politicians, which has been everywhere in our country recently. It is also not insignificant that the current prime minister mentioned fascism before the election. Let’s remember his words before the presidential election that THEY will not allow someone else to win. Unheard of! Did the journalists get upset about it? No! Here, on the left, there is even a desire to destroy a political competitor at any cost.

Recklessly and with lies, which is also done with the help of the media. The left constantly reminds us that parties are unnecessary, harmful. But not all. Some are advanced, are they not? It would be much better for all of us if these ex-communists with Kučan at the head, their like-minded people, and intellectuals, i.e., supporters of the progressive forces, would turn to Slovenian men and women with a similar “peace” letter. But these former and current transition “winners”, I could even call them enemies of simple, hard-working, modestly paid Slovenes, do not do this. They are satisfied with the continuation of the schism, taken to an extreme by the revolution and post-war massacres and now supported by the media.

What is she and what, for whom does Svetlana Makarovič, once an artist, work now? Maybe she just enjoys the media attention and will do anything for it, even something reprehensible? I do not believe. I am sorry that she is wasting her undoubtedly great artistic reputation in this way. This suits someone who exploits her, because they, on the left, know that hate speech is only on the right.

The column was originally published on the Nova24TV.si portal.


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