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(WE RECEIVED) Statement of the Assembly for the Republic: This is about Slovenia!

Dear Slovenians, dear citizens of the Republic of Slovenia!

On April 24th this year there is an opportunity to make the Slovenian spring of 1990, the Slovenian summer of 2022.

As it was clear in 1990 to whom we must entrust our voice to ensure the successful development of our country in peace, freedom, democracy, and prosperity, so should this year this decision be even easier and equally decisive. We are deciding based on extremely positive experiences with the existing coalition, which consisted of two right and two left parties and which in a short but very difficult time of the epidemic/pandemic had the opportunity to show what it means to cooperate, lead Slovenia, and preside in times of crisis, and to respond actively to the war situation in Ukraine.

Despite constant opposition to the governing coalition, without serious and factual arguments, both at home and with the help of foreign satellites, the current government has managed to maintain a balance between epidemiological measures and normal life. Many other countries have acted much more radically. It was enough to cross the Austrian border to make sure of that.

A policy of exclusion and unconvincing new faces needs to be said a resounding NO! The essence of politics is to work together and find reasonable compromises for the benefit of all citizens. A large part of Slovenian civil society and trade unions act as a covert tool for parties that exclude, advocate for the preservation of acquired privileges, defend dubious equality, and protect inactivity and false solidarity.

Slovenia and Europe, with the whole world, are at a turning point in history. We are in a time of cyber and economic warfare and in an armed attack and appropriation of foreign territory, by Russian dictator Putin over Ukraine. In such sensitive international relations, it is important that Slovenian politics establishes good and peaceful neighbourly relations, strengthens alliances with democracies and supports economic cooperation that ensures the work and well-being of citizens. The Alliance in the EU and NATO is a guarantee for peace and stability of all members, including Slovenia!

Within this international framework, we can realise and enforce human rights, democratic standards, the balance between the private and the public at all levels, from education, health, and the economy, and other subsystems.

As free and democratic citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, we expect and demand from the media to present political parties and candidates based on their previous decisions, results, and actions for the benefit of all citizens of Slovenia. Therefore, we expect electoral confrontations to take place at the level of a mature political culture and with the power of arguments. The citizens of Slovenia deserve and demand a transparent pre-election campaign, which must be taken care of primarily by the national media RTV SLO.

Only active citizenship has a place in a democracy, so it is necessary to go to the polls and thus co-responsibly co-create our common state Slovenia. We will not decide on prejudices, labels, manipulations, dirty and behind-the-scenes games directed by the yellow media and other delusions and deceptions, as we are mature and responsible citizens of a free Slovenia.

Dear citizens of Slovenia. The choice between the parties committed to democratic principles and the value of independence is varied enough that it will not be difficult for us to decide on a healthy, strong, peaceful, and trustworthy future for Slovenia and Europe!

Ljubljana, April 4th, 2022

for the Assembly for the Republic

France Cukjati, President



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