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Von der Leyen is a snake on the chest of the European right

Jože Biščak (Photo: Veronika Savnik)

By: Jože Biščak

At first, it seemed that the shift to the right meant that Europe would get rid of the left-green nuisance, but the clock had barely struck midnight on election night when Ursula von der Leyen (again) betrayed the right.

Although this morally questionable and completely incompetent woman spoke differently just a few days before the elections, after the first results were announced, she stated that she would not respect the will of the people but that the European People’s Party would continue where it left off – with (cultural) Marxist globalism and a Machiavellian plan to impose even more despotism on us, the voters. This is, of course, possible because Europeans with the right to vote (among whom more than an eighth are of non-European origin) voted on the composition of a parliament that will only approve the orders of the European Commission, a group of unelected and self-appointed commissioners, the top of the European bureaucracy, which rules the European Union (EU) far from the public eye.

There is no political group in the world that wastes and squanders the money of net taxpayers and prints it, when necessary, without batting an eye, like the European Commission with the ECB. And there are no unelected officials in the world who trample on individual rights and limit people’s freedom with their behemothic ideas like the European commissioners with a battalion of officials behind them. Fifteen-minute cities, eating worms and insects, freezing in small apartments, driving unreliable electric cars, constant scaremongering with global warming, glorifying the murder of unborn children, empathetic whining to migrant rapists and murderers, restricting freedom of speech, sending the elderly to euthanasia procedures, and pushing for virtual reality are ideas and issues promoted in the last term by the “noble” right with von der Leyen at the helm. And why would it be any different now? Have the circumstances really changed so much that politics will take a different, non-collectivist path? Will the composition of the commission really turn so much to the right that postmodernist madness will be erased, and the European ship will sail into calmer, more normal waters? No, it obviously will not happen, although it could. The election result already allows for the governance of the centre-right.


The last term was not good for the image of the European Union, which stripped freedom, given to man by God, to the absurd. Instead of being a union of independent and sovereign states that protect people’s rights, these rights were illegally appropriated by a small group of globalist unelected officials under the pretence and flag of fighting discrimination. They have chameleon-like abilities to adapt. And once you taste ruling with your subjective, dogmatic, and unilateral arrogance without fear of being replaced or removed, you can promise people everything they want to hear – and they will vote for you. And that is exactly what happened. There was indeed a shift to the right, but this is more a consequence of the 180-degree pre-election turn of the established political and ideological groups rather than a sincere intention to change anything in the European Union. If von der Leyen really seeks alliances with the left, a general pan-European street uprising must follow, showing the elites that they will face Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” if they do not respect the will of most Europeans. Humility and respect for voters from officials are no longer present, so they must be taught again by fair means or foul. The time will come when people will solve the problems, not the European Commission that caused them.

It may sound harsh, sometimes violent, but when unelected globalist elites imagine they can bypass the will of the people and rule without being authorised by the people, the people have an inalienable right and duty to future generations to act; not only to twist their ears but to throw them into the dustbin of history. Ursula von der Leyen forgot her oaths before the ink on the ballots dried. She would like to return the EU to the old paths, which are disastrous for Europe. Let’s hope that the majority of EPP members will resist von der Leyen, who is a snake on the chest of the European right, and demand cooperation with conservatives and identitarians. In five years, it may be too late, and in half a decade, only requiems for Europe may remain in memories.

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