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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Urgent protection of the values of democracy and independence!

By: Dr Stane Granda 

On Slovenian Statehood Day, during periods when those in power are like-minded to those for whom independence was not an intimate option, we witness eruptions of lies and historical falsifications. The leaders compete to see who can devalue, disparage, and distort independence the most. Those who carried out the independence processes and actions are additionally tied to the pillory according to their merits for the creation of the Slovenian state. The celebration is turning into a competition among some leading politicians over who can be the most offensive. Since this was started by the worst president of the country, Danilo Türk, it could be called a Türkijada. The content of the manure-spreading has until recently been the glorification of Kučan’s merits. Recently, these merits have been attributed to the former socialist regime, Kardelj, and even Tito. Decisions about Slovenia are now made in Belgrade as never before in history; Slovenia is becoming more Belgrade-like than Belgrade itself. Janković is transforming from the mayor of Ljubljana into the “Gauleiter” of Slovenia in Belgrade.

The current coalition is something exceptional, the “cherry on top” of defaming Slovenian history. It began with the composition of the government cabinet, where they appointed a secretary against Slovenian independence. Her job was to abolish the Museum of Slovenian Independence and personally and scientifically discredit its director. He has no bread at home. One of the neighbouring countries’ Academy of Sciences offered him a job. After doing her dirty work and being dismissed by Golob, she was taken over by the Minister of Culture to continue defaming the greatest achievement of Slovenians in history. She misses no opportunity to highlight how everything in Slovenia has been bad and wrong since independence. She is seconded by the Prime Minister, for whom the Levica party is a cup of spirit and inspiration. He has no opinion or knowledge. Recently, both have been slicing government communists like salami. They are ousting them from cultural institutions such as the Prešeren Awards Committee, Nuk, Cankar Hall… For her, her associates, and the Prime Minister, all the problems of the past and present are blamed on Slovenian independence, which, thirty years ago, destroyed the paradise under Triglav where honey and milk flowed in the spirit and form of self-managed socialism and represented the essence of the Slovenian nation through non-alignment.

The greatest victim of the Slovenian sholacide, which is expressed in Türkijada, is the Svoboda MP, historian acad. Dr Martin Premk, with the assertion that we got the state already in 1945 and that 1991 was just an activation. Worthy of a Nobel Prize! This not only demonstrates ignorance of history and constitutional law but also reaches the limits of idiocy. It proves where hatred of democracy leads. He does not hide his ideological kinship with Kučan-Lipić’s notion that independence was carried out by members of Tito’s TO. He is threatened by ignorance by the Speaker of Parliament, who loves legal history, and the President of the country, a Doctor of Law. She not only beats up Slovenian minorities but also Slovenian history, which has been a playground for falsifying the past since Kardelj. Because of Tito’s Yugoslavia, which persecuted Slovenianism so much that the word disappeared from the ordinary vocabulary of Slovenians, especially liberal and left-wing cultural workers, UDBA still used it in 1962. We not only lost Gorizia and its hinterland, the Slovenian coast, but also weakened the western ethnic border, something even fascism could not achieve. It also did not cause as much damage as the Informbiro conflict among Slovenian Triestines. Triestines. Not to mention the 20,000 killed after the war, 10,000 political refugees, 100,000 driven to “temporary work abroad”, and the increasing economic lag…

People used to fear holidays because of the costs or overeating. In our country, its main holiday is a breeding ground for lies and deepening the already unbridgeable divide between citizens. The tragedy is that those responsible are the ones who should be taking care of its commemoration. After the Türkijada at Kum and the President’s outburst in Cerkno, she surprised us at the national celebration with her best speech yet. However! The state and homeland are more than just a community; they are also a horde and a mob, unfamiliar with democracy… There are no traitors in the civil war and revolution except among the adherents! Minority? We have thousands of murdered without murderers and independence without independence fighters. They have a positive attitude towards the former; we are marginalised. The solution for the holiday lies in legislation that freezes celebrations under certain circumstances. Even better is to legally protect independence and democratisation, which is the crux of the problem. If the worship of totalitarian symbols can be banned—only non-communist ones in our case—the perpetrators of post-war massacres must be honoured, bowed to, and had candles lit for them, then the greatest achievement of Slovenians in history could also be protected.


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