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Unburied Dead 2023

Dr. Denis Poniž

By: Dr Denis Poniž

Death erases all differences among people, even those that were hostilely dividing them during their lives. And everyone must receive a grave, our ancient ancestors knew this, people of the Stone Age.

The latest discoveries have confirmed that even Neanderthals buried their dead, they were aware of what death means and what burial of the deceased signifies. The right to a decent burial and grave has been artistically depicted in a deeply moving way, unchanged through the millennia, by Sophocles in his play Antigone, who refuses, cannot, and must not differentiate between her two dead brothers, Eteocles and Polynices. And since those ancient times, the beginnings of our civilisation, it has been and must remain so, for otherwise the last atom of humanity dissipates into nothingness, and our words become empty phrases born out of perverse ideologies and their parrot-like babblers. Whoever does not respect these primal laws on which all civilisations rest, those that have been and those that are, is merely a monstrous creature and a horribly distorted being, stripped of all emotions, but also with a shallow, barely perceptible intellect. In other words, a person who denies the dead a grave is a moral and mental cripple, a caricature of a civilised human being. In recent months, such abominations have appeared in greater numbers in Slovenia, these strange creatures who seek to revive the spectres of revolutionary evil, crawling together with deranged worshipers around monuments that celebrate this evil and its criminal minds. They cannot come to terms with the simple fact that their manipulation of history and the celebration of what the European Parliament has designated as a triple criminal fallacy, casting a dark shadow over the twentieth century: fascism, Nazism, communism, is over. The last totalitarian system in our country is not declared a crime, but it continues to be celebrated, and its actors are revered like ancient gods. The current leftist government, composed of oddballs, opportunists, semi-intellectuals, and all kinds of schemers, not only refuses to bury the victims who do not have graves since their violent deaths but has now abolished the day of remembrance for them. The purest Stalinism is repeating itself, removing the images of those who fell out of favour from paintings and cutting out their articles from archival copies of newspapers and books! But, gentlemen, memory cannot be abolished, memory remains, despite your desperate efforts to throw as much sand as possible into the wheels of history!

No one knows exactly how many mass graves there are in Slovenia, into which the intoxicated victors of wildness, triumph, and their own greatness have swept, walled up, and buried the dead and living men, soldiers and civilians, women, children, old men, and old women, without them being judged in courts, which are also one of the fundamental achievements of civilisation, as no one is guilty until proven guilty by a final judgment. But comrades ignored such trivialities, they killed without the blessing of the courts, systematically, cruelly, bestially, without asking themselves what their frenzy, their terror over everyone who thought differently, but also over those who happened to be on their bloody path to communism, truly meant. One would expect that the state of Slovenia would do at least a little of what it could do: to bury the mortal remains of all these people who in death have become mere corpses with the right to a dignified burial and grave, as befits a civilisation that has entered the third millennium of its existence. The only true reconciliation can be achieved by burying all their dead, ceasing to divide them into those who should be revered almost godlike, like Eteocles, and others who should be food for vultures and stray dogs, like Polynices. We know how the story ended with Thebes and the arrogant new ruler Creon, but we do not know how the story will end with our arrogant Creons, the sons and grandsons of the slaughterers from 1945.

Two concrete cubes in Ljubljana’s Zvezda Park, empty like the consciousness of our current ruling climbers, cannot hide the terrible truth about the barbarism that forever tainted not only the never-realised “bright” goals of revolutionary fanatics like Broz, Ranković, Kardelj, Kidrič, or Maček but also exposed their actions of that time. The proud successors of these criminals and greenhorn babblers, the successors of these mass murderers, again with infernal joy and perverse persistence, close the never-opened mass graves, bury historical facts under mountains of false nonsense. They refuse to step out of their demented history, refuse to give up their absurd arguments about who was what and who deserves glory and who deserves contempt. It is not surprising that they erase, abolish, and continue to covertly remove everything that could indicate uncivilised acts and decisions, the never-fading cries of tens of thousands of victims, not only in 1945 but also later when comrades, with the help of uninformed and self-centred politicians from Western countries that gave them loans to sustain the wreckage called Yugoslavia 2.0, killed opponents at home and even abroad. The League of Communists of Yugoslavia and its secret police, UDBA, were by all criteria criminal and terrorist organisations. And to make the farce complete, none of the architects and instigators of these mass crimes, which can rightly be called genocide, have met the judicial system. We do not know what happened to their conscience, we only know that many drank themselves to death, some lost their minds, and others, as the Slovenian people say, laid hands on themselves. But a great majority of them have or will peacefully meet their end in bed, receiving funerals with military honours and bronze monuments whose only true purpose will be to testify to their criminal nature. At least we can imagine what is happening in the minds of those who currently govern and are trying in every way to restore not only the aforementioned wreckage called Yugoslavia 2.0 but also to do two things: first, diligently erase the memory of the unburied corpses and at the same time, increasingly using symbols under which the genocide took place, indoctrinate the younger generations with their “truth”, which is nothing more than a systematic distortion of historical facts. In this endeavour, not only do the lay “proud successors of the red bandits” participate, who also consider themselves top politicians, reaping successes in Uganda and Bhutan, and even in some exotic country. Among the forgers of history are also people for whom historiography is a scientific profession, which requires scientific objectivity and neutrality from them, not grovelling before current and some retired political potentates. Unfortunately, it is not so. They prostitute themselves in a similar way as any other professional group, for example, some journalists have grovelled to the ruling authority, which throws them breadcrumbs, sometimes even more, but the authority does not appreciate them in the slightest, as they are nothing more than disposable material in the eyes of the ruling elite, who are thrown into the garbage bin after use. If we are a little merciless, they do not belong anywhere else either since they are ignorant and provincial, ready to spread any lie created by the ruling politics, no matter how foolish and transparent it may be.

Due to their egomania, arrogance, showmanship, and circus-like behaviour, as well as their limited mental abilities, which manifest in a different but nonetheless comically eerie manner in each member of this government, they fail to understand that one fine day they themselves will reach the end of their journey, where they will be greeted by a silent lady whom they cannot bribe with their accumulated “piles of gold”, as written by Prešeren in the famous sonnet Memento Mori. Perhaps then, at least some of them will realise how miserable and empty their lives have been, even though they may have spent part of it on red carpets and travelled in cars with flashing red and blue lights. All they will desire is not to remain unburied corpses themselves.

PS: This text is dedicated to the memory of all those killed victims of revolutionary terror who still do not have a decent grave.

Source: KUD-KDO

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