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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Truth does not need censorship

By Andrej Sekulović

In Slovenia, we are witnessing an escalation in the prosecution of so-called hate speech. Recently, the Strategic Council for the Prevention of Hate Speech presented recommendations for its “management”. Slovenia is, in fact, merely following general trends of censoring and prosecuting dissenting ideas.

We should ask ourselves why, if liberal democracy is the best, most advanced, and most perfect system in the world, laws and measures need to be adopted to silence its critics. Is it necessary to defend the truth with laws? If critiques of illegal migrations, the same-sex agenda, multiculturalism, and globalisation are merely the result of irrational phobias or unfounded fears, as the entire liberal-political and media establishment persuades us, then why do liberals seek to prohibit these allegedly misguided beliefs with laws? Well, perhaps because these critiques are not baseless. It is difficult to argue that multiculturalism is a good thing when we witness scenes in France, Sweden, Belgium, or Germany where the second and third generations of migrant descendants represent a disproportionately large share of perpetrators of various crimes and offenses, where we are witnesses to ongoing violent riots, and where areas are completely under their control.

Of course, liberal demagogues will rush to claim that this is a result of the “racism” of the native population, which makes helpless migrants, and their descendants feel threatened. They argue that the “backward” thinking of the locals must be changed, and they should adapt to foreigners on their own soil. The prosecution of hate speech is certainly a part of this. They aim to silence those who prevent the advanced multicultural society from fully expressing itself, especially those who mention crime statistics or dare to doubt that Arabs and Africans can become exemplary Europeans. The truth is that, for the sake of their interests in creating a global society of citizens, where the free flow of cheap labour and capital will prevail, rootless liberal elites are willing to destroy human diversity and suppress human nature. In doing so, they create confusion that may eventually consume them as well.


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