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Time on RTV Slovenia

By: Jože Biščak

Sit comfortably, observe the progressive flora and fauna. You can learn a lot. National RTV is a good example. Why so much uproar from whining children who, at regular intervals, step in front of the cameras of competing media and complain that their mission of informing the public is being denied. And that they have a noble and great reason to strike. A careful eye will notice that their “rebellion” against the supposedly authoritative leadership of the media is not known anywhere: the shows are running, the forced payers of the RTV contribution continue to be on the news radar. And to make their plight even greater, those who did not join the handful of strikers (they are automatically right-wingers, right) are themselves carrying out the mission of them, the big names of the small screens, without which the Earth may be derailed from its orbit around the Sun. Well, the Earth is still rotating, only the reporting on the national TV is more balanced than in some other times, which is undoubtedly a good thing.

Although no one wants anything from them and they could work in peace or simply quit, saying, we will not give legitimacy to the “fascists”, they say that they will not surrender, but will sacrifice themselves, so that they will continue to eat into the wallets net of taxpayers. And demanded their own. They are calling for help to a politics which, so they swear, they are fighting with all four. Politician Robert Golob promises them the “depoliticisation” of the public institution also with non-civilian and illegal means. The magazine Mladina is also sending the small anti-terrorist units to Kolodvorska Street, because the government must follow “radical, but legally rigorous procedures”.

Leftists are frustrated because the current team at RTV Slovenia proves that it can work even without Bergants, Milinkovićs, Razboršeks and other life-long journalistic and editorial subscribers. And also worried. Their political godfathers react violently and try to incite violence, break several laws in order to restore the editorial policies they like. All wrapped in the cellophane of the rule of law. Time will tell if they will possibly start a civil war.


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