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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

»They Have No Heart, No Conscience, No Professionalism«

It is not publicly known of the rumors that the district judge Špela Koleta, who condemned Dr Milko Novič, will be rewarded with a promotion by the deep state. However, the fact is that her judgment was non plus ultra filthy. This is also confirmed by the judgment of the Supreme Court, which is a very serious blow to both the District Court Judge Špela Koleta and Stanko Živič, Milan Štrukelj and Tatjana Merčun, who upheld the first-instance verdict.


The above-mentioned judges heard the different opinions by the court experts at the Supreme Court regarding the trail after the shooting (all experts, with the exception of the “devoted” Franc Sablič, relieved Novič of the accusations relating to the particles). Not only that, the supreme judges also found it unacceptable that the judge Špela Koleta rejected the request for evidence by the defense, to seize the recordings of certain surveillance cameras on the day of the murder. The Supreme judges are confident that Koleta violated Dr Novič’s constitutional right to defense.

The judgment of the Supreme Court also states that, in the repeated procedure, the court will have to clear the proposed possibility of a complete alibi offered by the defense or determine whether there was a theoretical (physical) possibility for the accused to arrive at the place of the murder in the amount of time available from the departure of his daughter to the fitness center: “In light of physical laws, the same subject cannot be simultaneously in two places (bilocation).” Dr Novič had an alibi up to the time when his daughter left the house, which was only minutes before shooting, and the defense, with her evidence, wanted to prove that in this short time Dr Novič could not physically get to the scene of the murder. The Supreme Court apparently had to educate Koleta not only about the laws, but about the laws of physics as well.

Dr Janko Jamnik received threats as well, however not from Dr Novič, but from Dr Michel Stephan. All of this was of no interest to the Supreme judges.

The main hearing in the repeated Novič trial will begin on December 18 with Zvjezdan Radonjić as the presiding judge.

“They have no heart, no conscience, no professionalism. They are completely dishonest,” was the comment by an expert on the state of affairs regarding the work (or should we say, hardly any work) of the judges on the day that Dr Novič was imprisoned.


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