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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

They are disgracing Slovenia

By: Dr Vinko Gorenak

Do you still remember the statements of former MEP and current (still) Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon about the so-called core EU countries, which according to her words at the time, Slovenia should have followed? Well, today the said lady has “scissors and fabric” in her hands, as the proverb goes, to fulfil her own words. However, her former words are history; today, in reality, she is doing something entirely different.

The number of her visits to core European countries compared to the number of visits to former non-aligned countries, as we used to call them in Yugoslavia, clearly indicates the direction of her actions. She is practically uninterested in core EU countries, but she is interested in African and Asian countries, especially Middle Eastern countries, particularly their terrorist part, such as Iran.

Already at the time of the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, when current Pope Francis said he prayed for him, I got into writing with a local priest. At that time, I wrote that I would like the Pope to first pray for the thousands of victims killed by Fidel Castro before praying for him. I verified my statement with these Slovenian bishops, and they agreed with me, but the local priest did not. No harm done; people are simply different.

A similar situation exists today. A few days ago, Iranian President and dictator Ebrahim Raisi tragically died in a helicopter crash, rightfully dubbed an Iranian butcher in the democratic world. He is a man who, in his past roles, was responsible for the deaths of thousands. As Prime Minister, he was also responsible for the executions of thousands of women who refused to submit to his dictatorship and orders. He is also accountable for the deaths of thousands of homosexuals and other members of marginalised social groups. Tanja Fajon is someone who consistently advocates for the rights of women and oppressed marginalised groups everywhere. However, surprisingly, during the helicopter crash involving the Iranian dictator and mass murderer, when she had the opportunity to stay silent like many other countries and their diplomats did, Tanja Fajon struck a completely different chord. She stated that in the case of Iranian butcher Ebrahim Raisi, it is a “shocking tragedy for the entire world” and a “time for mourning”.

Tanja Fajon did not just trample upon her own principles regarding women’s rights and marginalised social groups, but she also disgraced Slovenia. Most of the democratic world unfortunately interprets the words of the country’s first diplomat, which Tanja Fajon currently is, as expressions of support for the Iranian dictatorial regime responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people it has executed. It is a sad but true fact.


In a similar situation, Fajon also brought Slovenia into the case of recognising Palestine as an independent state. In this regard, Slovenia joined Spain, Malta, and Ireland, where extreme leftists are in power everywhere. The recognition of Palestine and Israel as two independent states has been on the table many times in the past. However, this fact is not the problem. The problem is the insistence of the Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas on not recognising Israel and on destroying Israel. This is also stated in their founding acts. In such circumstances, when Hamas does not recognise the right of Israel to exist, and in the circumstances when they carried out one of the worst attacks on Israel last autumn, the insistence on recognising Palestine and its terrorist movement Hamas, in my opinion, is a disgrace to the country of Slovenia. So, there is no problem in recognising Palestine as an independent state, if it is willing to recognise Israel as an independent state. But unfortunately, this has not been the case in several attempts in the past.

But that is not all Tanja Fajon has done to shame Slovenia abroad. Continuously and everywhere, she only advocates for the rights of women and individuals on a principled level. At the same time, she was seen bowing before the monument of the executioner of the Slovenian nation, Boris Kidrič. However, she has never been seen honouring the memory of tens of thousands of murdered Slovenes after World War II at one of the more than 600 massacre sites caused by her predecessors and her current role models. Furthermore, in the coalition, they also abolished the day of remembrance for the victims of the communist regime, which cannot be understood in Europe. To be continued.


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