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Thursday, June 20, 2024

The political bluff of the ruling authorities in the case of the phantom terrorist state

By:  Dr Metod Berlec

Recently, dominant media outlets have been publishing weekly polls, which attempt to convince us that support for the government has not only stopped declining but is actually increasing, as is support for the Gibanje Svoboda party.

According to the latest poll by Mediana, conducted for POP TV, Prime Minister Golob’s government is supported by slightly more respondents (32.8%), while more than half are opposed to it. The Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) would be supported by 18.8% of voters (down from 23.8% in April), and the Gibanje Svoboda (GS) by 15.3% (down from 17.4% in April). Following them are the Social Democrats (SD) with 6.3% support (up from 4.9% in April) and New Slovenia (NSi) with 5.6% support (up from 5.2% in April). The non-parliamentary party Resnica has reportedly climbed to fifth place with 4.1% support. It is followed by the Levica with 3.2% support (down from 4.3% in April) and Vesna with 3.2% support (up from 2.9% in April). Other parties are said to have recorded lesser support. Interestingly, despite the upcoming European elections, the share of undecided voters has slightly increased, with more than a fifth, 21.8% of respondents, unsure of which party they would vote for (up from 17.3% in April). According to this poll, advisory referendums on the introduction of preferential voting, the use of cannabis for medical purposes and personal use, and assistance in voluntary end-of-life decisions are expected to gain support. Among these, the introduction of preferential voting and the cultivation and processing of cannabis for medical purposes enjoy the most support, while the controversial euthanasia and the use of cannabis for personal use (read: for “getting high”) have less support.

Given that we are on the cusp of the European elections, it is crucial to recognise that some polling agencies are more focused on shaping public opinion rather than merely measuring it. On POP TV, the aforementioned poll was even interpreted to suggest that support has increased for parties and politicians who advocate recognising Palestine, while it has decreased for those who oppose it. The ruling parties are attempting to mask their incompetence with ideological issues that they are imposing on the Slovenian public. This is why they forced referendums to coincide with the European elections, inundating the public with the issue of recognising Palestine, despite it being a complete political bluff. A modern nation-state must have clear and precise territorial boundaries, which cannot be said for the non-existent state of Palestine. The late political scientist and sociologist of international relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr Vladimir Benko, a faculty especially dear to the ruling leftist coalition, wrote in his 2000 book Sociology of International Relations that a state requires the existence of three constitutive elements: “territory, population, and an organised community with a government capable of ensuring the internal and external functions of the state, primarily effective legal and material order”. In my scientific monograph National States Under the Pressure of Globalisation” (2024, pp. 81-85), I cite numerous foreign experts on international relations who clearly state that a nation-state must have (1) a clearly geographically defined territory over which it exercises jurisdiction, (2) “sovereignty over its territory, meaning that its jurisdiction is theoretically free from external interference by other nation-states or entities”, and (3) “a government comprised of public offices and officials who oversee and manage the territory and population for which the state is responsible”.


It is absurd that the ruling parties, in collaboration with the dominant media, are practically daily bombarding us with the European leftist campaign “My Voice, My Choice: For Safe and Accessible Abortion”, actively joined by the controversial Institute 8th of March led by the privileged young regime supporter Nika Kovač. As if abortion has not been legal in Slovenia for decades. Meanwhile, the ruling parties, through their NGOs, offer us abortion, euthanasia, and cannabis instead of concrete solutions (for catastrophically low birth rates, long waiting times in healthcare, dysfunctional long-term elderly care, and mental health issues among the youth). Instead of promoting a culture of life, they offer us a culture of death and intoxication, at a time when both Slovenia and Europe are facing record low birth rates, an influx of illegal migrants from Africa and Asia, and a bloody war in Ukraine, where soldiers and civilians are dying daily in the hundreds. In short, the Slovenian and European left are focusing on issues that signal not only the decline and downfall of Slovenia but also of Europe. Not to mention their (indirect) support for Islamist terrorists who aim to destroy our European way of life.


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