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The paradox of an inflated bean at Kolodvorska Street 2

By: Jože Biščak

First the left-wing routine, then the defiance of the new leadership, followed by complaining about their daily life as a journalist, and at the end a strike. And when one thinks that the civil servants at RTV Slovenia are really on strike and that the people can take a break from their website, a jeremiad begins among the strikers that they cannot edit during the strike. The paradox of an inflated bean experienced by the daily editor of MMC.

It is really hard for journalists at Kolodvorska Street 2. After extensive preparations for the strike and articles on the website shortly before midnight, which should remain there for at least 24 hours, editor-in-chief Igor Pirkovič appeared, who removed the propaganda about the strike from the website, without the knowledge of the daily editor. Oh, no, the thug Igor will not do that! This was the decision of the strikers, who now told on the unfortunate man, who was doing his job as an editor, to the leadership of the strike committee. Sure, now it will happen. Editing by a legitimate and legal editor who is not on strike during a strike is “obstructing the legal right to strike”. Just so that you will know how to strike.

Even during a car factory strike, the strikers drive their cars around the yard, do they not? This is their professional goal! Even they, the hard core of national television, are now handed over to freaks who think that if they are responsible editors, they can also decide what will be on the website and what will not be. Anyway, strange times. In this country, there is a slim chance of meeting a person who takes responsibility extremely seriously, and an extremely high probability of meeting someone among journalists and daily editors who thinks that they have more authority on the website than the editor-in-chief has. If the latter does not work, then they are said to be at risk. And they encourage demonstrations of hostility: anyone who does not strike is not welcome on RTV Slovenia. At least that is what they imagine and expect a standing ovation. That will be hard. At least in a normal rule of law. They should know that the editor-in-chief (and this is now Igor Pirkovič) is not a coat hanger for their whims. And these whims are called disorders, which are otherwise known as a misunderstanding of the work and responsibility of the editorial office. There is no other explanation.

Of course, emotions are at their peak, drunk from the victory of Golob, they sniff loudly if it is not their way. And since the bulldozer of Svoboda has not yet arrived at RTV Slovenija, they would like to speed it up a bit so that the Prime Minister can show them his affection; to them, the brave soldiers who were occupied and overthrown by the Janša’s. A real horror, really. But it is like that – their future conquests will be slightly delayed, which does not dispel their impatience. Although it seems that the promised cockta and sandwich will be enough to last in the tension for a while when they picture a mango in a toast. It is now important that the public hold its breath for as long as possible at the moment of the strike, which for the strikers is apparently unprecedented in the history of mankind. They just have to find a better argument than that they are authorised to edit the website. Somehow, they are missing out, maybe they need a toll-free phone number to report strikers and illegal sardine sellers.

The possibilities are endless, although it is somehow incomprehensible that commenting under their strike article is not enabled. And these charmers and pillars of the anti-capitalist struggle could get so much more additional support. Yes, capitalism can spoil everything. There the responsibility is individual; there the responsible editor decides what will be published in the media and what will not. True, real fascism is under Pirković.


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