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Thursday, June 30, 2022

The New Normality is knocking at the door

By Andrej Sekulović

In recent years, June has become the »pride« month of same-sex and transgender communities. In reality, this means that in especially June the mainstream media, big corporations, NGOs, European Union officials, and liberal politicians are shoving down our throats at every turn the rainbow flags and slogans for the LGBTI+ community, which, despite being supported by the richest big corporate bosses, international finances and the leadership of the European Union, still claims to be oppressed.

I say ‘especially’, because gender theory and the normalisation, not only of homosexuality, but also of gender reassignment, is being imposed on us anyway, not just in June, but all year round, through the entertainment industry and the media. Anyone who resists this and claims that there are only two sexes and that sex is biologically determined is a homophobe who must be silenced.

This year, the ideological propaganda that is imposing new normality on us – the fundamental principle of which is obviously that anything that deviates from the laws of nature is progress – is particularly present, probably also because of the newly elected government, which has also put a homosexual in the post of Minister for the Family.

Many people wonder why the issues of a very small group of people have begun to occupy a central place in society and public debate. According to surveys supposedly carried out by various experts in the field of gender theory, on average only 0.5 percent of people in each country are ‘transgender’. Today, however, it is no longer a question of percentages and of caring for some marginal groups, but of destroying the foundation of European civilisation, which is the traditional family.

LGBT ideology and gender theory, which they also want to include in general education in Slovenia, is a weapon of the destroyers of civilisation and the high culture of European nations, which stands in the way of a monolithic world under the rule of liberal bureaucrats and international corporations. The new normal has also been imported into Slovenia, and its critics are being silenced by accusations of various “phobias” and also by the prosecution. In the new normal, which is supposed to be “progressive” and “diverse”, everyone will have to think alike and bow down to the new false idols of tolerance and eternal progress.


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