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Friday, March 1, 2024

The incredible hypocrisy of Slovenian and European leftists

By: Dr Stane Granda

Slovenian attitude towards events in Palestine exhibits characteristics of a serious societal pathology. I recall the account of a Palestinian friend from our student years (he was studying pharmacy and disappeared after his second year as an unsuccessful student), describing the conditions in his native Gaza.

“Our problem would have already been solved if we had not been pawns in the hands of others.” Since then, Gaza has become something entirely different, but the problem remains the same. For a social scientist in Slovenia, it is particularly interesting because it reveals that Palestinians are mainly supported by those who are against Ukraine. They proclaim themselves as leftists, an expression of that dead leftism that has thrust Europe and the world into the arms of big capital, which they actually serve. An example of this is the Slovenian government, who are in the service of the ruling financial oligarchy, which not only seeks to make the poor even poorer but also the rich richer. The valorisation of social contributions in 2024 exposes this uniquely. They initially said they would give nothing, then promised 70 percent, and now demand gratitude for stealing at least 30 percent. An even better example of theft is the prices of energy, especially electricity, where the prime minister is a “specialist”. They first announced a billing system, suggesting people should leave their jobs and find the most favourable time to turn on machines. Then they temporarily withdrew the law. They will enact it at a time when we are least attentive. Part of the theft from citizens is also high inflation. It is not random that it is among the highest in the eurozone! They are cementing impoverishment and hindering social progress. Even the government’s fiscal council declares the government as not credible. Everything is turning into a farce. We are witnessing the abuse of the Palestinian issue for internal political needs. No one in the world, except Israel, is interested in Slovenian positions. It seems to no one in the world that it is worth reporting on what is happening here. The situation is so schizophrenic that a special kind of psychiatry for dealing with the governments of some countries should be established, but it has not happened yet. To distract people, they emotionally mobilise them with breath-taking foreign problems while stealing behind their backs. That is how in 1941 they “rose up against the occupier”, when in reality, they just coveted power. Especially through corpses. With the help of Russian role models and practical teachers, they succeeded in this!

The Palestinian-Israeli tragedy has come to the Slovenian ruling politics as if tailor-made. The Ukrainian crisis has directly and indirectly harmed it, exposing it. Instead of people questioning who governs us, we discuss the fate of Palestinian hospitals over morning coffee. It is truly horrifying, especially if we overlook how they are exploited for an anti-Israeli agenda. For decades, we have known that refugee camps, schoolyards, hospitals are used as launch sites for primitive rockets. It is difficult, especially for the female world, to maintain a sober judgment when hearing and seeing the destruction of children’s hospitals, gynaecological departments… Palestinian and their supporting propaganda are top-notch. For Israelis, it is a greater international problem than dealing with Hamas. That is why, and only because of that, the Slovenian and European left aligns itself with it. Ultimately, this gives it substance, as it sees no way out of domestic political dilemmas. Due to compliance with the financial oligarchy, it cannot see a way out of the growing social crisis. How can it solve it when it is organically embedded in it? Therefore, and only for this reason, the Slovenian big capital unconditionally supports it. They see and know that its opening of social issues is hypocrisy, and the truth lies in participation in power and its wealth. Were Slovenian tycoons and similar right-wingers? They know precisely who can protect their ill-gotten wealth. That is why they watch over the prosecution, which, as it seems, introduces the declaration of hate speech, double standards. As it once did for theft!

Communism as a ruling power is based on lies and theft. Socially, it is hollow. Its fundamental tool is demagogy. It relies on the relativity of social progress, pushing it beyond all limits. No one can deny that Slovenia did not progress under communism compared to the old Yugoslavia. The reality of progress is visible when comparing it to regions like Friuli, Carinthia, Styria, not to mention Bavaria, which was once closest to us in many respects. The lagging behind only increased. If you consider these comparisons, not those within the former Yugoslav republics, you see real progress. In a few more years, we will not be able to compare ourselves with the Baltic states, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, or even Croatia. We will be left competing with North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Romania. We will compete with Moldavia. Slovenia is becoming an economic colony of Serbia and Croatia. Intellectually, it already is! The fact that Janković and Čosić are leading Ljubljana is not a coincidence.


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