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The final hour is approaching for the “White Masai” of the Slovenian Parliament

By: Gašper Blažič

Slovenia is clearly becoming a partner country of core Africa (and not of core Europe, as Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon boasted about recently). Well, even at a time when Fajon was not yet Foreign Minister, she raised her voice because of the association of the previous government with the countries of the so-called Visegrad group.

And while Slovenia is suing “Orbán’s” Hungary due to the alleged oppression of LGBT people, our political ladies are happily visiting countries that are even significantly more unfriendly to homosexuals than, for example, Putin’s Russia. Such an example is Uganda, which was recently visited by the President of the National Assembly, Urška Klakočar Zupančič. Due to her African tour in the style of Tito’s “unranked” and the contrast she evoked as a blonde in black Africa, she earned the title “White Masai”. She even adopted a monkey in Africa, which is nothing new, because the adopted kitten is already a thing of the past. Fajon did not want to be far behind her and recently visited Ethiopia, which is why evil tongues are already suggesting that she may soon become the Ethiopian queen who can send her eunuchs around the world. Apparently, the President of the Republic, Nataša Pirc Musar, is also thinking about a similar African tour, who also misses Tito’s trips to the Black Continent, where the untried Tito’s successor, Marko Bulc, quite unhappily hunted elephants.

Well, in any case, Klakočar Zupančič should be congratulated for at least one thing: together with her party and her (and at the same time government) boss Robert Golob, she is returning Slovenia to the time of the SFRY – and not only at the expense of trips to Africa, which of course are financed by taxpayers, but also due to the abolition of supplementary health insurance, which only means that the state has completely monopolised health insurance. In short, another step of our country into the time of socialism tailored to the people, as the last head of the Central Committee, Milan Kučan, would say. Recently, the most notorious Slovenian blonde, otherwise a former judge and Soros scholarship recipient, gave herself a fairly pompous interview for the April edition of Ona Plus magazine, where she admitted out loud that she actually wants a repeat of the communist revolution. She was quite inconsistent in this, saying that any ideology degenerates into the absurd and becomes violent. “When an ideology becomes violent in any way, it loses its original value, because violence, be it physical, psychological or verbal, destroys everything good that a movement stood for,” she said, among other things. But when she answered questions about today’s youth insecurity and fear of the future, she replied: “It is sad that we as a society have come so far that young people are telling us this.” She also mentioned the plight of the elderly in our society. In her opinion, what is happening now is no longer sustainable, so we are undoubtedly awaiting a new socio-political system, but that the transition to it will be revolutionary in no time, as history teaches us. “Capitalism will not last forever, because dissatisfaction has been accumulating for some time, and this extraordinary energy of people is calling for change.” She also said that she thinks it is right that the one who has it should give it back to society in some way because it made it possible for him to have it. Even the controversial member of the Levica party, Miha Kordiš, would probably congratulate her for these statements (unless he would protest because Klakočar Zupančič is his unfair competition).

Of course, this is just one of the many slips of the “White Masai” and we have already gotten used to them. And this is precisely the problem, that we have become accustomed to this kind of behaviour of a person who is in no way suitable for her function and let’s not forget, hides her medical records from the public. Running the temple of democracy is no joke. Perhaps this kind of populist tabloidism is even liked by a part of the public because they are fed up with boring bureaucrats anyway but imagine that excesses also become part of Slovenia’s communication on the international diplomatic floor – anyway, many foreign (tabloid) media giggle indulgently and they mock the poor Šentflorjan people, saying that if they are led by such people, how stupid they must be themselves. For example, her famous statement about women “turning the world” in Rwanda became controversial even for a prominent member of the SD, who was once a minister twice – Jernej Pikalo. It is a good thing that foreign media were not too interested in the Slovenian politician’s visit to Central Africa.

Is it surprising, then, that even members of the Gibanje Svoboda party would like to get rid of the “White Masai” in red shoes? Our sources say they are just waiting for the moment when the opposition will table a motion for her dismissal, followed by a secret ballot. And if at least 46 votes were collected for her dismissal (which is not impossible), the former district judge would have to pack her bags. One way or another.


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