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The country is in very good financial shape, but everything can change quickly

By: Vida Kocjan

The government of Janez Janša is leaving the country in very good financial condition. In April 2022, the state budget had a surplus of 147 million euros, which shows the good condition of public finances.

The deficit in the first four months is more than a billion euros lower than in the same period last year. Revenues are a fifth higher. Tax revenues from value added tax increased by almost a quarter. All this reflects accelerated economic activity, investment, and lively private consumption. With all this, we citizens have about 25 billion euros in savings in our accounts. At the same time, in the first four months of this year, Slovenia drew 466 million euros from European funds, which is more than 52 percent more than in the same period last year.

Government investment is also high. This year, the state allocated more than 11 percent more for this than in the same period last year.

The results are truly fantastic and the result of the excellent work of the outgoing government coalition led by Janez Janša. Slovenia is in the development momentum, things are being built everywhere, and many new projects are being prepared. But all that can change very quickly.

In its plans, the incoming government announces that it will raise taxes, reduce salaries, and at the same time immediately start talks with the European Union institutions to achieve a change in the Recovery and Resilience Plan adopted by the Slovenian government last year. The latter means a change in the use of European money.

KUL did not hide the fact that they want to change the plan and priorities for spending European money even before the elections. Golob’s party is now just their extended hand. All this means that they intend to reallocate European money intended for the construction of roads, schools, kindergartens, old people’s homes, health centres, hospitals, waterworks, playgrounds, and student dormitories for various studies. Or differently, to repay about 4,000 activists of Ljubljana’s street cyclists and the rest of the army at Metelkova street 6 in Ljubljana.


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