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Friday, May 24, 2024

The Communist International rabble must be kicked away to the dustbin of history

By: Bogdan Sajovic

On that day, the last head of the Slovenian Central Committee ZKS launched an appeal in which he demanded an immediate end to the fighting in Ukraine. This would be positive if he would have called on the aggressor to withdraw from the occupied territories, admit guilt for the casualties and destruction, and begin negotiations for reparations for war damages.

But the call actually calls on the world public in general and Ukraine in particular to come to terms with the loss of the occupied territory. Territories, which the occupier has formally annexed and is already carrying out certain activities on the basis of sovereignty, therefore grant citizenship to the local residents and carry out mobilisation. Both are strictly prohibited under international law, namely the annexation of the occupied territory is not allowed until a peace agreement is signed. With their appeal, Kučan and his company are therefore trying to legitimise Russia’s violation of international laws and norms, not to mention other Russian criminal acts. And all this under the guise of a false desire for peaceful coexistence. This is not Kučan’s first call in favour of the aggressor. In February 1991, when the Yugoslav army was already heavily armed, Kučan and his henchmen issued a declaration in which, again in the name of false peaceful coexistence, they called for the unilateral disarmament of Slovenia, which would mean a cross over Slovenian independence, which was never an intimate option for Kučan. It should be noted here that the Yugoslav generals, before launching the aggression against Slovenia, went to Moscow for consultation and approval. If we draw parallels between the two declarations and the similarity of the situation, we can conclude that both are the work of old-school Bolsheviks who have only the interests of the Communist International at heart. And that the Communist International connection is still active in Slovenia. Therefore, if we want to become a truly independent European country, we must kick away the Communist International rabble where it belongs, on the dustbin of history…


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