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The case of a stolen villa – Židan: “It paid off!”

By: Davorin Kopše

Let’s start with a story of how to acquire goods without paying. A guest comes to the bar and orders coffee. The waiter brings it to him, but the guest changes his mind and would rather have some tea. The waiter takes the coffee and brings him tea. The guest drinks the tea and leaves. The waiter runs after him and demands payment. The guest tells him that he will not pay because he exchanged the coffee for tea. “But you also did not pay for the coffee, sir,” the waiter says. The guest replies: “Of course not, because I did not drink it either.” Then the guest vehemently leaves free of charge. He pats on his pocket with a party booklet and says to himself, “We know how to, red, we know.” The forerunner of payment cards for privileged first-class communists is more than obviously a Party booklet. For some it still is.

These days, the news that the Velenje District Court has issued a verdict on behalf of the people because of Janez Janša’s tweets about the stolen villa, where the Social Democrats are based, has struck the public like lightning. The people in whose name the verdict was handed down knew nothing about it. Moreover, defendant Janša did not know anything about the trial. Namely, he did not receive a letter asking him to respond to the lawsuit, which would be the correct practice. Only if the defendant does not respond to the action within the prescribed period, a so-called default judgment is issued. How you respond to a lawsuit you are not even aware of and exercise your constitutional right to a defence is still being determined by experts.

Yes, you guessed it, in addition to the lawsuit, the defendant did not even receive a judgment. Well, the media does not care about the truth and the facts. They immediately began to report that Janša had to pay the Social Democrats 10,000 euros and that he had to apologise to the first-class. If it was not scary, it would be funny. Namely, the events are reminiscent of the times of secret official newspapers, where they published regulations that we all had to abide by. Janša also had to prove himself in which unknown place he was at the time of the alleged receipt of the bribe.

Prominent representatives of the Social Democrats began to comment euphorically on the “invisible” (read secret) verdict after the publications in the media, which perhaps they even placed themselves. One could feel the glorious old tyrannical times of communism, where you quickly found yourself behind bars and on torture devices on the basis of a secret indictment. At the time, Udba said the victim would already know why s/he was being prosecuted if law enforcement authorities did not already know it. The opinions were that if s/he is not guilty of what we accuse him/her of, s/he is certainly guilty of something else. Damn similarities.

Velenje District Court

But the Velenje court is not just any court. The building of the Velenje court is also home to the Velenje Social Democrats, where the president is Andreja Katič, who is also the vice-president of the Social Democrats. Even more SD is the owner of the premises in this building. The eloquent circumstances are reminiscent of Maribor judges Slavko Gazvoda and Matjaž Štok, who like to attend events under the red star, directed by the Social Democrats, and judge in their jobs on behalf of the people. A tatty avant-garde, what else.

The remnants of Bavcon’s revolutionary law are still gaining ground in this way today. Nothing helps us even if ninety or even more percent of judges are honest and have good intentions if they only judge second-class people. Only a few percent and the influence of the leaders is enough to protect the first-class. They guard it like the apple of their eye.

There have even been allegations or speculations as to whether the former Minister of Justice, Katič, may have written a perverse verdict and led this perforated process. Katič is not just anyone, she is also the president of the Association of Fighters for the Values of the National Liberation War Velenje. This is the association that, even at the national level, always takes the side of the achievements of the revolution, and the reference to the National Liberation War more or less serves them as a cover.

According to the deep state, which uses parallel mechanisms, Janša is already guilty. He has to pay and he has to apologise, are the echoes in the villa at Levstikova 15 in Ljubljana, which is mentioned in the case of the stolen villa. The talk of the town are already examples from the past where it echoed in prison that his fate is sealed, he will never be Prime Minister again and similar revolutionary slogans of striking injustices. That we are not even talking about preventive 22 or more charges against Franc Kangler for not returning to politics.

Example this and that

The placement of the stolen villa case was once again more media-coordinated and destructively directed against a single person. The current government coalition is a great threat to the first-class beneficiaries of the misery intended for them by the failed regime of Yugoslav and Slovene communism. It turned out that this regime failed only in terms of exclusive rule, but that the parallel mechanism of this regime, described in his book by researcher Rado Pezdir, still works. The present case proves once again that the media is undoubtedly one of the parallel mechanisms. He always in key, and sometimes in bizarre cases, supports the hogwash of parallel rulers in the country who were not elected or did not receive majority support. These are the ones who, in the period after independence and the change of the political system of the state, are nevertheless disproportionately influential at all times.

Media headlines were: MMC – SD won a lawsuit against Janša for statements about a stolen villa, Janša is critical of the Velenje court; 24UR – The district court ruled in favour of SD and the like. And even after Janša’s response: 24ur – Janša’s statement is inadmissibly disparaging to the judges of the Velenje court. The disputed acquisitions of the villa do not problematize.

Meanwhile, the memory takes us to the title, such as The case of cut off hand and the like. In this we clearly see the desire of the media to expose the essence. The problem is the cut off arm, not Julija Adlešič. The same in our case is the problem of a stolen villa, not Janša. But the watts are different, of course.

Communistic threshing over old straw

They sell us sausages that the villa at Levstikova 15, where they are anxiously monitoring the government’s successes and its actual support among the people, was obtained legally. During the time of the failed ancestors of the Social Democrats, the Central Committee of the League of Communists lived in a part of the building of the current parliament at Tomšičeva 5 in Ljubljana. This was never owned by them, but they had it in use, which belonged to them under revolutionary law. Exactly this property was exchanged for a Jewish villa on Levstikova 15. Something that was not theirs was therefore exchanged for something that thus became theirs. Well, understand if you are normal. And yes, this can only be defended with a politically loyal judiciary.

The similarity is therefore evident. The guest at the bar did not pay for the tea because he exchanged it for coffee that was not his, and the Social Democrats did not pay for the villa they exchanged for a building that was not theirs. There are cases in which tenants of flats have sold these flats, which we call fraud, however, the case of exchanging a rented building for a building that would become permanent property is not known to me so far. The only such example is a stolen villa. The matter of the stolen villa is therefore far from being definitively clarified, and four high-amount mortgages are tied to this villa. The economy of the uneconomical and the honesty of the contenders for power are once again well explained. Can they really win the election fairly? No, they never play any games fairly!

Perhaps, however, everything illegal is not always stolen. Something is also cheated or vehemently appropriated. The magnificent monument to the executioner Boris Kidrič in the EU Park remains a defender of the regime and a blockade in the minds. That is why they worship him. Dejan Židan stated at the congress of their youth in 2018: “Of course, for you I wish that everything turns out much happier, but I would say for myself and for my comrades at the time: ‘It paid off!’.” Židan knows what he is talking about. But we also know, so we must do everything to make crime and hogwash not worth it.

Davorin Kopše is a veteran of the war for Slovenia, a candidate for the European Parliament, and an active citizen.


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