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The amendment to the Family Code, or how the parliamentary left let a deadly virus into the cell of the nation

By: Jože Biščak

“It is socialism that must drown out Christianity. … In the new order, socialism will win by first of all capturing culture through transforming the consciousness of society and infiltrating schools, universities, churches, and the media.”

These are the words of Antonio Gramsci, Marxist theorist, and founder of cultural Marxism. Decades after him, we are witnessing the eruption of identity politics. It appeared aggressively and quickly in Western Europe; it also infected some post-socialist countries. Promoting the dismantling of what has produced at least a quarter of a millennium of success and growth in European civilisation is in the hands of mentally ill, if not evil, people. Life in the new ultra-sexualised world, which destroys all moral and universal boundaries of conduct, is imposed by a minority that is loud and makes enough noise that the psychopaths and sociopaths among the politicians who decide the fate of the lives of the citizens imagine that they have a mission from divinity.

Jože Mlakar is right (I wrote this myself several times), who says that this is only possible because people have renounced God. Let me add that not only that. Secular authorities put on the mask of God. Now it is no longer God that people fear because of the last judgment, people started to fear governments and slowly ignored God’s warnings about what is right and what is wrong. This is also why it happened that the MPs adopted an amendment to the Family Code, which is the next stage of the cultural Marxists’ plan – the destruction of the family. And the real war has just begun.

The ploy of cultural Marxists is to turn the family against itself, to use its dissolution as a community of father, mother, and children to wipe out the next target – the nation. It is necessary to understand their plan, their intentions. The family is the basic cell to preserve the national language, culture, tradition, and religion. Imagine that the body is the nation, and the family is the human cell, the smallest part of the organism, which is also called the building block of life. To destroy the body, the cell must be destroyed. The easiest way to do this is to allow the virus to enter it. And that is exactly what the MPs who voted for the amendment (or abstained) did – they opened the door to a deadly virus that will now multiply and destroy other, uninfected cells. And it is not even necessary for the virus to infect all the cells in the body, it is enough to reach a critical point that destroys the immune system and thus kills the whole body.

The family, or its fundamental structure (or purpose) as a union of man, woman, and offspring, is essential for the continuation and reproduction of a geographically rounded society, which we recognise as a homeland, state, or community of a nation. The regulatory definition of marriage as a community of two people and the possibility of adopting children of partners of (un)known genders is a virus that will systematically undermine the nation’s ability to self-preservation (in addition to another virus that we recognise as the descent of the third world into a community where the culture is diametrically opposed to the host’s). Slovenes as a nation have survived empires and kingdoms throughout history, state formations foreign to us, precisely because of the family that passed down the native language, culture, tradition, and religion from generation to generation. That is that bloodline that is hard to destroy and keeps coming back; sometimes out of nowhere.

You can attack the nation, occupy it, or carry out genocide, but the seed, the core of the nation, which we recognise as a nuclear, traditional family, will always remain in the same geographical area. This will (perhaps quite quietly for many centuries) pass on what once held them together and what will hold them together in the future. This is how we Slovenians have survived thousands of years. And when we finally got our country, which is the country of Slovenian men and women, there are useful idiots of the globalists who want to destroy the family and its ability to pass its history on to descendants with the virus. This is nothing else but an attempt to wipe out a nation. We are not the only ones. This is happening all over the old continent; in some places the virus almost killed the host (Sweden, France, Germany).

The ideology of identity (with gender theory) redefines men and women, redefines the family. Now it is no longer just about men who imagine themselves to be women forcing themselves into women’s sports and wardrobes; that men must also be unconditionally guaranteed breastfeeding and pregnancy (of course, including abortion); that the youngest are encouraged to have early sexuality; that schools turn children away from their parents; to encourage gender reassignment; that pop culture convinces teenagers that you are ‘in’ if you change your sexual orientation. The aim of the cultural Marxists is that the confusion in the voice of children and teenagers causes a deviation from the family. And when this is no longer a safe haven from immorality and a God-fearing refuge from evil, the descendants turn away not only from the family, but from the nation. Contempt for oneself, family and nation begin, patriotism is replaced by multiculturalism. With such brainwashed minds and a virus in them, no community that previously survived centuries with common values ​​can exist anymore. Attacks on the nation (body) can survive, attacks on the nuclear family (cell) not only kill the family, but also the nation. Therefore, the goal of the ‘one-planetarians’ is to destroy the basic cell of the nation.

This perspective, this big picture, must be kept in front of our eyes when we talk about it and fight against it. We can no longer say, this is a small thing, this is a small and insignificant problem. It is not true. Now every little thing matters. It is no longer funny people in tin foil hats or Alice in Wonderland nonsense; for the left nothing is automatic and independent, for the left everything is interconnected, even the little things that at first seem ridiculous and derisive. And these ‘little things’ have been around for a long time; each generation adds something new. And in the end, the coming generations will be without any filters of decency. If the amended Family Code is imposed on them today as something normal, tomorrow there will be normal podophile marriages from Islamic culture, and the day after tomorrow a marriage will be concluded between a person of unknown gender and an oak tree, which the state will officially allow to adopt an imaginary little man with a rat’s head. Deviant practices that used to be a medical problem will cross the fences and become not only normal but socially desirable. And where young subconscious minds have already been completely reprogrammed, nuclear families will be a crime and belonging to a nation a deviance punishable by rehabilitation or death.

That is why the demand of the left is to control education. Young people are formed then, they are easily indoctrinated, they are destroyed by detectors of truth and chastity. This is the task of LGBT activists who come to schools. They erase their respect for family authority and accelerate the establishment of contacts with the new ‘normality’. For children, vulnerable as they are, this is fun at first, which later becomes an ordered direction. This is key. The destruction of the family is therefore much deeper than it appears on the outside. But until we recall from parliament the MPs who, with the help of legislation, turn ‘bad’ into ‘good’, they will continue to spread the murderous virus.

Slovenes have survived as a nation because of Christianity and the generally accepted concept of the nuclear (natural) family. This was the healthy cell of the nation, that anchor that withstood all tides and storms. The amendment to the law cut sharply into the chain that connects the anchor and the ship. It will take a lot of effort to repair the joints. In any case, we must first take off the ‘nice’ gloves and deal with the left-wing armed with what they hate the most – patriotism. The latter term encompasses both: natural family and love for one’s nation.


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