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That is how they poison your children

By: Ivan Šokić

“Evil is incapable of creating anything new, it can only corrupt and destroy what the forces of good have invented or done,” was the response to tens of thousands of JRR Tolkien fans when Amazon released a trailer for a new series called Rings of Power a month ago, recorded after the appendices to The Lord of the Rings. Lovers of the world created by Tolkien in his works, which is essentially a modern mythologising of Western Christian civilisation, smelled sulphur in the Amazon trailer and recognised evil. Amazon has shown that it wants to turn Tolkien’s Middle World into a new Game of Thrones. This is as if they were trying to portray the Blessed Virgin Mary as a drugged drug addict.

You are probably wondering why so many words about some movie studio that is better known for its online store and some fantasy TV series that is not even out there. In my columns, I have repeatedly repeated the mantra of the late Andrew Breitbart, who tirelessly pointed out that politics is downstream from culture. This is a message that the right does not internalise in any way, while the left is living it. The right bets on reason and the power of argument, while the left is brainwashing children from an early age that when they grow up, they are no longer receptive to reason because they see evil in reason and common-sense logic.

This is not just something left-winged parents would pass on to their own children. This happens to all children of all parents who are exposed to a wide variety of media on a daily basis, regardless of political affiliation. Television or computer are not only tools that give you the proverbial five minutes of peace in front of children, but also a Trojan horse through which your children’s mind is poisoned. And so, all elections are won and lost. Not during one month of the election campaign, but in the first twenty years of a child’s life, when he is receptive to all kinds of ideas, which over the years only consolidate and internalise.

Many will probably disagree. They are sure I am paranoid. But whoever wants to see does not have to look long. It is enough to look at what Disney is doing these days. One of the largest film studios, which in the collective consciousness is considered a child-friendly brand, is opposing the ban on LGBT+ indoctrination in kindergartens and primary schools in Florida these days. Once again, Disney is advocating for the indoctrination of the youngest into the cult of LGBT madness. How else can we talk about exaggeration when the opposite party answers: Whatever if kindergarten teachers want to talk to children about sex and gender without the knowledge of parents?

Disney’s latest cartoons are predicted to include kissing homosexuals, while Disney employees are convinced that management is not loud enough in opposing the law against imposing the LGBT agenda on kindergartens and elementary schools, as the law supposedly endangers their employees. Apparently, certain Disney employees feel threatened because children in kindergartens and elementary schools will not have the opportunity to learn about LGBT and all the other insanities of the modern world. Such people should not be let near children. Remember what we said at the beginning? Evil is incapable of creating anything new, it can only corrupt and destroy what the forces of good have invented or done. And your children are the ones they want to spoil, pervert, and use for their own purposes.

The cult of LGBT is also being imposed in Slovenia and with each defeat it is closer to victory. In 2012, with 30 percent turnout, 55 percent of voters rejected the Family Code, which would equate homosexual relationships with the rights of married couples. In 2015, with 36 percent turnout, 63 percent of voters in a referendum rejected a law amending the Marriage and Family Relations Act that would do the same. Instead of ending here, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, thanks to an LGBT activist promoted to the position of “defender of the principle of equality”, is currently debating the constitutionality of parts of the Marriage and Family Relations Act and parts of the Family Code. It is no different in the EU, where they attacked Hungary with all their cannons because of a law that provided for stricter penalties for paedophiles and a ban on LGBT indoctrination in schools without parental knowledge. In the EU, the protection of children against paedophiles is contrary to “European values”. True, evil is incapable of creating anything new, it can only corrupt and destroy what the forces of good have invented or done.

Ivan Šokić is a philosopher and regular contributor to the Nova24tv.si portal and a columnist for Demokracija.


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